Hummus and a Keyboard

We are currently not far from the birthplace of Thomas Edison in Ohio. The campground isn’t great, but it will work for the night.  It’s downright chilly.  Since it was 85 degrees when we arrived at yesterday’s campground, it’s a shocker to arrive in this campground at a chilly 57 degrees.  From shorts to sweaters.  Brrrrr.

At the rest stop today, I took out some chips and hummus and laid them on the front seat while Regis went to the facilities and I finished playing with Dart.  When we were done, I opened the door and tossed Dart into the front seat, forgetting about the chips and hummus.  He landed front foot first in the hummus.  Maybe the hummus was too garlicky, but Dart would not lick it off his foot.  After tasting the hummus, I agreed with Dart.  I am grateful that we got a truck with vinyl seats and flooring.


The other casualty of the day was my keyboard.  It apparently bounced around in the trailer while we were traveling and wound up getting crunched when the slides were extended.  I am also grateful for Walmarts that not only have $9.88 keyboards, but Rum Chata too!


4 Comments on “Hummus and a Keyboard

  1. But remember, Linda what I said about Walmart? I hate Walmart! I really don’t want to see you on fb under People of Walmart! 😉


  2. Was Tekoe in the truck while you played frisbee with Dart? I guess she didn’t like the hummus either.
    Like that you can add pictures.


    • Yes, Tekoe was in the back of the truck. She didn’t realize there was food all over the place in the front of the truck. She’s no longer agile enough to take advantage of such a situation anyway.


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