Tight Turn

We woke up this morning to see that Tekoe got sick last night.  Then, she ate breakfast but puked twice afterwards.  She’s been on an antibiotic and I gave her and Dart Dreambones last night.  I am going to stop her medication and see if she improves.  She had trouble with puking before we left home, so I cut back on her antibiotic but now I’m going to stop it altogether.  She was very interested in an early dinner this evening and she’s resting peacefully right now.

Coming back from the shower this morning, I walked past a bush that had a bird nest in it.  Mom or Dad didn’t like that much and flew right past my head.  I wasn’t feeling the love.

Dart is beginning to get the routine down.  When we pull into rest stops, he is prepared to play with his flying disc and becomes very focused on that possibility.  He will not pee or drink water until he gets to play.  He stares at the storage box with the disc in it.  Or, at the person closest to the box since they might be the hero who will retrieve his disc for him.

We drove across the southern Michigan peninsula today and it was beautiful.  When we arrived at the campground, there was a very tight turn into the entrance.  Sadly, I was driving.  I couldn’t make it and wound up blocking traffic with the tail end of the trailer hanging out in the road.  Regis had to jump out and provide directions to get me out of the mess I’d gotten myself into.  Both lanes of traffic were stopped on this little two lane highway while he directed me back out so I could drive up the road, turn around, and go in from the other direction.  Regis was considering taking a selfie of him and the situation but didn’t think the stopped traffic would find it amusing.  If he did that, our trip would probably have ended here in Michigan.

The campground is beautiful.  We’re going to stay for two nights.  We noticed several wineries near by.  Guess what I’m hoping to do tomorrow?  I’ll have to see if any of them are pet friendly.  They are close enough that we might be able to leave the dogs in the trailer and see how it works out.

I think it’s the tail end of winter here.  Fortunately, Regis got our fickle heater to work.  It’s cold enough for me that I have to wear gloves and two jackets.

I will have to learn to pay more attention to all the details of my surroundings.  Dart does.  I noticed a hitching post for dogs at the camp store.  After setting up camp, I took Dart with me to the camp store so we could get information on things to do in the area.  I figured I would hitch him to the post when I went in.  I failed to notice something that he noticed immediately upon getting within 50 feet of the store.  There is a statue of a mule within 10 feet of the hitching post.  Dart HATES that mule.  He had a similar reaction to some rocking horses we encountered on a play ground.  I don’t think it would have been conducive to a continued stay in the campground to attempt to tie him to a hitching post while he was letting that mule know just what he thought of him.  Dart is quite the character.

Michigan campground

4 Comments on “Tight Turn

  1. Awww I hope Tekoe feels better. Poor baby
    Cudos to you Linda for getting your mini mansion parked!! I would have loved to see the selfie of Regis. Sounds like you are having a grand time so far.


  2. Our dogs and their arguments with inanimate objects. Rocky got spooked by the big blue mailboxes every time.


  3. Hope Tekoe feels better. This could be the story of Dart. Take a picture of him with the mule.


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