Tekoe is feeling much better today.  She didn’t eat much breakfast though, but she has perked up and ate dinner well.  I put her back on her pain medication this evening but will keep her off the antibiotics.

Today we went grocery shopping.  Grocery stores can sell hard liquor.  Regis had a blast in the liquor aisle and was very interested in the Tippy Cow product.  We didn’t purchase any but would love to taste it.

Tippy Cow

We visited two wineries and loved it.  The weather and the vineyards were beautiful and the wine was great.  We are proud to have supported the local economy with our wine purchases. I just hope we haven’t overloaded the RV now!

Since the sun came out this afternoon, Regis and I practiced being lizards in the sun.  With those nice furry coats, the dogs are not sun worshipers and stayed in the shade.  We hit the road again tomorrow.  We have to go through or around Chicago.  Not looking forward to it!

5 Comments on “Wine

  1. Go around. Can you fit all that wine in the camper. What did you have to throw out to fit it


  2. So glad Tekoe is feeling better! Dart is just happy you remembered his flying disc.. I’m amazed you can get hard liquor in the grocery store in MI. Astounding! Yeah, I lived outside Chicago for a few years as a kid (Elk Grove Village, near O’Hare). You can go around, it’s not too terribly bad depending on what time you hit it. Last time I was there was in 2003 for a dog show with the ‘other’ Linda. Have fun!!


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