Farmers Market

Today we went to a Farmer’s Market in Madison, Wisconsin.  It was great!  Obviously, asparagus, rhubarb, onions, and lettuces are in season.  There was plenty of cheese bread from the bakeries and lots of plants.  We got some fresh asparagus, venison sausage, ham, eggs, and pastries (of course).  We saw some great cow cookies.  I love Madison and the surrounding area.  It’s beautiful.  There are almost as many bicyclists as there are motorists.  Isn’t that the way it should be?

I tried to find the Olbrich gardens.  After passing them once and returning, I found them.  There was only one parking space in the parking lot and I could not park in it.  If I had my Highlander, it would not be a problem.  A Ford F-350 crew cab (made to pull a mini-mansion as Vickie would say) was not meant to park in that spot.  I had to give it up.  Shucks!

We spent some time in the dog park with Tekoe and Dart and wore them out a bit.  We then sat outside the camper in the sun and people watched.  An oriole showed up in the tree above my head and sang his heart out.  I ran for my camera, loaded the big lens, and got ready to take a great picture to post.  Of course you all know that he flew away before I could focus.

We saw a crane (probably immature Sandhill) flying overhead today and making a very strange sound.  It’s probably a normal sound for a crane but sounded very strange to us.

Since Wisconsin is about cheese, I had to get a cheese pic.  Look closely below and you will see a mouse climbing the pole for the cheese.

3 Comments on “Farmers Market

  1. I’m sure you had wine with your cheese. I love your blog. I almost feel like I’m on the road with you!


  2. I’m with Vicki and Loretta. Cant wait to check and see where you are next.
    Happy to hear Tekoe and Dart are doing well


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