Gentle Rain

We drove from Madison, WI to the western outskirts of Minneapolis, MN (279 miles).  There was a gentle rain most of the way that wasn’t an issue until we started to go around Minneapolis.  I hate driving the trailer around cities and rain just adds to the stress.  It was my turn to drive when we went around Chicago and it was my turn to drive when we went around Minneapolis.  There is something wrong with my planning.  I’m going to have to work on this.

I have always appreciated truck drivers but my respect has increased a great deal since my trip around Chicago and now Minneapolis.  I am glad I’m not a truck driver.  (Here’s to you Jeff!)  I’m going to make sure that Regis has to drive when we do Fargo, ND.  I’ll bet its a tiny town with great streets!

I saw a lot of dead deer on the sides of the highway on the way up.  I have never seen so many before.  Also, there were no vultures.  At home, the deer would have been surrounded by vultures.  Doesn’t Wisconsin have vultures?  By the time we got to Minnesota, I saw well over 20 dead deer.  I didn’t count but I’m pretty sure there was approximately one for every ten miles.  So sad.

Dart didn’t jump to catch his disc yesterday or this morning at the campground.  He would slowly retrieve it, but wouldn’t catch it.  Today, at the rest stop, he was his regular, athletic self while leaping and twisting to catch the discs.  It was hot at the Madison campground and cool at the rest stop.  Perhaps he shuts down as the temperature rises.  I’ll have to pay attention and see.

Right now we are camped next to a large family with dogs, kids, parents, and grandparents.  I have no idea how they are all fitting in their trailer.  Dart is not the friendliest guy in town, so I can’t let him spend time outside with all the activity so close.  But, he has spent a little time watching the activity through the screen door.  He’s been good and quiet.

Tekoe mostly sleeps.  If we sit outside the camper with the dogs, Tekoe spends time watching campground activities and stays awake.  Since this trip is giving her an opportunity to spend more time awake soaking in life, I think it will be good for her.

2 Comments on “Gentle Rain

  1. How big are the other dogs?
    Are they friendly?
    What if you took Dart on the leash next to them?
    Are you almost to North Dakota?


  2. The other dogs are older than Tekoe. Tekoe gets along great with the other dogs. It’s a lovefest. Dart has issues. He was nice to the lady, somewhat nice to the dogs, and hated her kid.

    We are on the east side of Minnesota. We need to cross Minnesota tomorrow and stay in Fargo. Fargo is just across the state line between Minnesota and North Dakota. Right now, we are about half way to Seattle and we will start to get into the parts of this trip I am most excited about.

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