Mississippi River

Eureka!  We crossed the Mississippi today.  In my last post, I was still recovering from the trip around Minneapolis.  Obviously, I wouldn’t make a good truck driver.  Lots of traffic, changing lanes, and a long trailer stress me out.

Today, I crunched the container that contains the dog food.  If something is located in the wrong place when we open the slides (like the keyboard the other day), it gets crunched.  Apparently, I have yet to fully understand this.  Hopefully, my feeble mind will eventually understand and we can stop crunching things that require replacement.

We currently think that we will stop in Fargo, ND long enough to get an oil change and stock up on any essentials before we venture through the rest of North Dakota.  We have been told to plan carefully at this point.  Although we have only reserved one night in Fargo, we may extend it to two just to get stocked up and set for the rest of the trip.  We’ll make that decision once we see the campsite in Fargo.  No matter what research you do, you don’t really know how good the campsite is until you see it.

It’s been raining all afternoon.  Regis and I have been researching where we go from here (and I’m getting very excited about Teddy Roosevelt National Park) and the dogs have been sleeping.

2 Comments on “Mississippi River

  1. Dart looks good
    I,m anxious to hear what you think of North Dakota.
    Have you been in touch with Jason?
    By the time you get to Seattle you’ll be an expert.


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