48th State

Yipee!  We entered North Dakota and I have been in 48 states.  I have Hawaii and Rhode Island to go (obviously not on this trip).

It rained all night and rained all day.  Thank goodness it’s not raining now.  I believe I would have had to worry about getting trench foot.  I ran out of dry shoes.

We veered off the interstate today to check out a scenic byway.  It was lovely and we saw birds we have never seen before.  We saw a bird that looks like a pelican but it’s white with black wingtips and big.  We also saw swans, baby geese, and turkeys.  There were lots and lots of lakes (10,0000).  The weather was too nasty to have a nice picnic.  The first picture below is where we stopped for lunch and ate in the truck.  Even in the rain, I played flying disc with Dart.  So, the dogs are wet, the truck is wet, we are wet, everything is wet, (sort of, we are in a camper after all).

I planned this trip much better.  I drove in the morning on the interstate.  Regis took over when we embarked on the scenic route and brought us into the campsite.  This is the first campsite we had to back into.  I’m so glad Regis was at the wheel.  Hah!

We are in a city park.  The pictures below are from the park.  The campsite isn’t great, but the park is nice.  I took Dart for a walk in the park and got lost.  I’m not kidding.  Don’t ask me how you can get lost in a city park that’s on a river and by a major highway. Dart found some chicken.  He was upset that I wouldn’t let him eat it.  I used the sounds of the highway to work my way back to our campsite.  This is the closest we have stayed to an interstate.  We are looking forward to staying somewhere way off the interstate.

When we were in Madison, we dumped our tanks.  We did not have access to sewer last night and won’t for our two nights in Fargo.  The black water tank is 2/3 full right now.  That doesn’t make sense.  Either the tank didn’t completely empty in Madison or something is wrong with the sensor.  It was too much trouble to set up in this campsite to break camp to dump the tanks so we’ll have to live with it.  We don’t use the black water tank much so it shouldn’t be that full.  Puzzling.  Regis is burning up his brain cells trying to figure out what’s wrong.  There are facilities in the campground, so it’s not a disaster.  They have a dump station for when we leave but it looks nearly impossible to dump at it.  Regis is trying to figure out whether we will try it or wait until we get to the KOA on our next stop.  We like KOA’s.  They are consistently decent.

From this point forward, we plan to venture off the beaten path and do some exploring.  It will be easier to do when we drop off the RV and then venture out in the truck.  Since we were hauling the RV around on our venture today, we were not in much of a position to stop and explore.

I am pleasantly surprised with Fargo.  I always thought it would be more barren, but it is a lovely place.  It’s very flat but also green.  The Red River that we are next to is very brown.  With all the rain the last couple days, perhaps it’s just silt.  All the beautiful lakes in Minnesota were clear.

As I’m writing this, someone with a large trailer is pulling (backing) into their site.  It’s always entertaining to watch someone else have to go through this process. Last night, when we pulled into Minnesota, we noticed we had an audience.  Everyone stops what they are doing to watch you pull in and set up.  This guy is good.  I think their trailer is longer than ours and he just pulled it right in.  We’ll get there!!!

Tomorrow, we hope to get and oil change, stock up and groceries, and get the dogs washed.  Hopefully, it will all work out.

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