Dog Wash

We took care of some maintenance items today.  We got the oil changed, picked up some essentials at the store, and got the dogs bathed.  They look great!  Dart was really wound up when we picked him up.  OMG. It was as if he’d been drinking caffeine for two hours straight.  There was no living with him until I threw his flying disc to him non-stop for awhile.

First thing this morning, I walked Dart by the river.  The park was empty except for the campers and none of them were out.  The sun was coming up and there was a mist on the water.  It was very peaceful (except for the route 94 traffic in the background).  We also took a long walk late in the morning and walked all the way to Minnesota and back (which is just across the river).  Below is a picture from that walk of a man and two children in a field.

We are off to Bismark tomorrow and plan to do at least one scenic side trip along the way.

3 Comments on “Dog Wash

  1. Now I’ll have to go wash Elvis — Dart and Tekoe look so white in comparison! Elvis just spent a couple of days in NJ at JoAnn’s with his Bedlington crew (we were doing Earthdog training/tests and fun stuff) and he got pretty dirty. He was our mascot. He’s white on top, orange underneath! You’re missing all the heat and humidity over here…. Enjoy!


    • Sandy, yes it’s amazing how you can forget how white they are when they are clean. BTW, last time we were at a NADAC trial, Dart earned his Novice Versatility title. I’m very proud of him. We may try to get to some trials on this trip.


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