Today we went to the north unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  We saw many bison and beautiful scenery.  We went to the campground to check it out and there were more bison in the campground than people.  The campground was lovely and I would be interested in staying there sometime, but I prefer not to camp next to a bison.  They are huge and have horns sticking out of their head.  They are apparently temperamental and easily agitated.  Following are some pictures from the park. Note the eyelashes on the bison.  Very long!  The third picture is the campground with bison in it. They were using the posts in the campground to scratch themselves.

On the way up and back to the north unit, we were able to get some first hand experience with the boon going on in this area.  There is a huge energy boon because oil companies are able to use hydraulic fracturing to get to the oil in the area.  There are LOTS of trucks traveling the roads and several of them are carrying modular buildings.  They may be homes or something else.  They take up almost the whole road on a two-lane highway.  It is best to pay close attention while driving (which you should always do) because the vehicles may be so wide they are taking up most of your lane also.  Apparently, it has brought tens of thousands of new jobs to the area.  If any of you are looking for work, this appears to be the place to be.

This afternoon, Tekoe started to behave differently.  She’s already been vomiting a lot and she’s had diarrhea for a couple days, but this afternoon she is very agitated.  I’m more concerned than usual about her.  She’s been comfortable on this trip except for her bouts of vomiting, so it doesn’t appear the problem is the adventure.  We are almost two weeks into this trip and she is just now exhibiting strange behavior.  She keeps pacing and digging at the rug.  She can’t seem to relax.  I have some medication to calm her in stressful situations, so I gave her some.  It has helped, but she is still awake (which is unusual) and panting.  She’s usually comatose because she sleeps so soundly.  I plan to call her vet on Monday and discuss the situation and see what she recommends.  She is aware we were making this trip and said she would be available to us.

I feel sorry for Dart today.  When we drove to the park, we did not put the dog beds in the back of the truck.  When we travel with the trailer, we put their dog beds in the truck and each dog sleeps in their own bed (usually).  Tekoe clearly has a much larger bed than Dart.  Without the dog beds, there is not a clear demarcation in the back of the truck cab.  Tekoe takes up as much space as possible.  She camps out in the middle of the cab and leaves little room for Dart.  Dart will not challenge her and stick up for his fair share of space.  I tried moving her once, but it isn’t easy to do.  Dart has to deal with what space is left to him.  In the future, we’ll try taking Dart’s bed and see if that helps.

We continue to have a heating problem.  It dropped to 38 degrees last night.  Although it was warm under the covers, it was hard to get up in the cold.  The fireplace definitely helped but did not totally heat the place.  The dogs have great fur coats and didn’t appear to mind the cold.  Regis will contact our dealer Monday and see if there is a place we can take the RV where it can be fixed through the warranty.  This problem should be covered.  The weather is unpredictable enough out here that it would come in handy to have the heater working.  We paid enough for the RV that the heater should darn well work.

We currently plan to head to Montana after we leave her (which is a change from the original plan), but they could be impacted by Regis’ call to the dealer and my call to Tekoe’s vet.   The good news is that we have no place we have to be at a certain time, so a change in plans won’t be a big problem.

3 Comments on “Tekoe

  1. Sorry to hear Tekoe’s not doing well; hope the vet can get her something to make her more comfortable… and I’m surprised it’s so chilly in the mornings! We were at a dog show today and just about melted in the heat and humidity.


  2. Poor Tekoe! I hope she feels better soon. 😔
    I will have to tell you a story about my run in with a buffalo years ago. It was scary then, but funny when I think about it.
    Be safe. Hope you get the heat fixed soon.


  3. I hope your vet can help to get Tekoe comfortable again.You need one of the fur coats from the bison to keep you warm.
    I remember the time we camped at Deep Creek in August and the temp. went down to 40 degrees. We had to put newspapers on top of our blanketsto keep warm. Remember Reg? Stay safe Love you all.


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