Tekoe RIP

After my posting yesterday, it became obvious to us that Tekoe was in serious distress.  Regis talked to the owners of the campground and they gave him the number for a good vet.  I called and was able to reach her (on a Saturday afternoon).  She is located 30 miles from our campsite.  She agreed to meet us at her office in 30 minutes.  Tekoe cried and barked the whole way.  She never cries.  The vet took Xrays and was able to determine that Tekoe’s stomach had flipped and she was very, very sick.  Considering her age and condition, the only reasonable thing to do was let her go.  It was very difficult to do so.  We are going to miss her.  She was an exceptionally sweet dog.  We are going to remain at this campground until we can arrange to have her cremated.  I posted a couple favorite pictures below.  The second collie in the picture is Copper and he died almost 2 years ago.  He adored Tekoe.

4 Comments on “Tekoe RIP

    • Thank you. I think the same thing happened to one of Linda’s dogs before she got Chelsea.


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