Grocery Stores

Today we drove 30 miles west of Medora to pick up Tekoe and take her 35 miles east of Medora to a pet crematory in Dickinson.  That’s a lot of miles to cover, over 130 miles round trip.  Her ashes will be ready for us to pick up tomorrow afternoon, so we will be staying here another night.

Medora has one store that sells groceries along with liquor and gas.  There is only one grocery aisle and it is about 10 feet long.  There is also a small freezer that is about 1/3 full with meat and the rest is ice cream products.  The town with the pet crematory is considerably larger than Medora, so we decided to do some grocery shopping there.  We’ve run out of food and going to restaurants here is pricey.  There are extremely limited options for grocery stores in Dickinson, but at least they have grocery stores.  After going through the grocery store, I realize how incredibly spoiled I am with the grocery options in Maryland.  I miss good produce sections!  Also, I’m used to having very nice organic eggs.  We used to have our own chickens, so when I started buying eggs again, I became very picky.  There is no such thing as a cage-free, organic egg here.  I’m in tears.  I’m really looking forward to getting to Seattle where I know we can visit Pike’s market and get fresh fish and produce.

I ordered fish for lunch today.  That probably wasn’t a good idea to do when you are no where near the coasts.  The fish of the day was halibut.  I am absolutely certain that I was not served halibut.  The fish wasn’t too bad.  It was a little fishy tasting and overcooked, but it was okay.  The waiter said the chef insists it is halibut and maybe it was farm raised and tasted different to me.  When I got the receipt, it said I purchased Walleye.  We’ll probably never know what I really ate for lunch.  I’m not familiar with Walleye but I know you can fish for it in Lake Sakakawea in North Dakota.  Anyway, perhaps I should wait until I get to Washington before I eat any more fish unless I can get some local freshwater fish we can cook ourselves.  I love seafood, so perhaps I’m not destined to relocate permanently to the interior of the country.

It has become quite toasty here.  We were freezing last week-end and now we have the air conditioner running.  Those kind of weather swings take place in Maryland also  It’s a good thing we brought a wardrobe that covers all the possibilities.

2 Comments on “Grocery Stores

  1. Yeahhhh I wouldn’t order fish in the middle of the prairie again … 😉 I remember as a kid going to the store where my grandparents shopped before their town built up and I think it had 3 aisles not much longer than 10 feet either and a little meat counter in the back.. but they did have a Coke cooler with the bottle top opener on the side! I wasn’t aware there were any more stores like that.
    Glad you’re not freezing anymore!

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  2. Seems just like here now with the weather. It’s been hot but now today it’s in the 50s. Go figure.
    We are spoiled when it comes to the conveniences of good food. I know I am. 😊

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