Wicked Storm

Last night we had a great view of lightning off in the distance.  It was a spectacular show.  I went to bed before Regis, so I put Dart on the bed (which we usually don’t do) and sat and watched the storm a little longer before retiring.  Dart usually stays at the foot of the bed whenever he is allowed up.  After crawling under the covers, a violent storm started abruptly at our location.  It immediately broke the window in the bedroom so it started flapping around, it scared the heck out of Dart, so he bolted to me.  Regis ran around and closed all the windows, while I held Dart.  Shortly after he managed to get the windows closed, including the bedroom, it started to hail.  Dart was terrified.  I have never seen him so terrified.

I have heard about an item called a thunder shirt and have a friend that says it helps.  I don’t have one, so I wrapped the bedspread around Dart snug and held him tight.  He was calmer, but still terrified.  I have to admit, I was scared a bit too.  The storm was one of the worst I have been in.  It’s nice to enjoy a bad storm when you are in a well built house, but being in a mobile tin can leaves some doubt about being able to weather a bad storm.  Being in the RV may have made it seem worse than it was.  The hail sounded so horrific beating on the RV that I wasn’t sure we’d still have an RV left in the morning.  It turns out the hail wasn’t as big as it sounded, so there was no lasting damage.

The storm took some time to pass through and Dart was glued to me the entire time.  It took awhile for him to relax.  Tekoe has always been afraid of thunderstorms while Dart usually handles them well.  If Tekoe was still with us, it would have been a very, very difficult night for her also.

The place seems to have survived the storm well.  We went through the Park one more time and there were patches of road covered in silt.  We also heard a lot of frogs.  We saw some baby bird casualties from the storm, but it appears that the frogs are benefiting from the deluge of water.

We picked up Tekoe’s ashes today, so she will be with us the rest of the journey.  She left a big hole behind.  Dart is going to miss his best canine friend.

The clouds were incredible today.  Following are some parting pictures from Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

On our walk through Medora today, we found this bear.  He appears to be doing something else in the woods.

7 Comments on “Wicked Storm

  1. Wow! I’m glad you are safe and sound after the brutal weather. And I’m happy the rv survived with little damage.
    We started giving Henry Xanax when a storm comes up. Seems to calm him more than the thunder shirt. The vet prescribed it for him.
    I’m loving all your pictures.
    Tekoe will always be with you. 😘. Hugs.


    • Hmmm. I have some medication to calm Tekoe. I’ll talk to the vet and see if we can break it up to reduce the dose and use for Dart when necessary. Thanks!


    • I spoke to the vet and she told me what dosage of Tekoe’s medicine we can use to calm Dart when necessary. Thank you for the recommendation.

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  2. Glad you’re all OK. The stome sounded terrible. Will you be getting the window fixed before continuing on your way. Glad that’s the only damage. Take care. Love


    • the window did not get damaged. the window swings out from the bottom with a rod and serves as an emergency exit for the bedroom. the wind pushed the window out further than normal and the rod popped out. this allowed the window to flop open and closed (que the scary movie music) and started the whole dart thing.

      the fix was to just remove the screen and put the rod back in and lock the window closed. so with the dog hiding, the wind and rain pouring down, and the sound of the hail on the roof it made quite the hour or two.

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  3. Wow, I’m not so sure Elvis would have survived all that sound and fury! He’s normally excellent in storms but he’s got his herd of Bedlingtons. I have stuff to calm him down but it’s OTC for dogs in general and probably wouldn’t be effective in big hailstorms. I’m so glad you’ve got Tekoe back to continue the journey with you. I have Nathan and Clancy’s ashes in a special place in the den.
    And I’m so glad that window isn’t totally busted! 🙂
    (Looks like that bear is having a standoff with that bison…. just sayin’…)


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