Northeastern Montana is Remote

We entered Montana today.  For most of the drive through northeastern Montana, there was little civilization or trees to be seen.  It was a little scary.  If you didn’t plan ahead well, you could run out of fuel and not be near any.  We went for great stretches of road and saw nothing but cows, fences, and pronghorns.

We are currently staying at an Army Corps of Engineer campground. It is amazing.  It is the best place yet that we have stayed.  We don’t get water and sewer hook-ups, but that’s workable.  You fill up your water tanks when you enter and dump everything at the dumping station when you leave.

That’s the Missouri River in the background.  There is a two mile paved path around the campground.  I especially appreciate that since this is tick season.  Nevertheless, after walking with Dart, he had numerous ticks.  We have to do regular tick checks with him and we always find ticks on him.  It is very discouraging.  If we miss any, I hope the VectraD works and kills the tick.  It is what it is and we have to deal it.

We are going to stay two nights, so I hope to have some nice pictures tomorrow.  I saw some adult geese with babies swimming.  I hope to find them again tomorrow.  Also, there are orioles here.  Following is a terrible picture.  If you look closely, you can see the oriole flying (left of center).

This last picture is from the campsite next to ours.  We are downstream from the dam and those buildings are from the dam operations.  This whole area is surrounded by a Wildlife Refuge, so it is remote and there is almost no man made structures around.  That makes those big, dam towers particularly eye catching.  It really impacts the senses because they seem so out of place.  Because of the strategic location of a tree, we can’t see the towers from our campsite.

8 Comments on “Northeastern Montana is Remote

    • test time! from the post above you have the information to locate us. go ahead give it a shot!


      • Ok smarty pants. You are at Fort Peck. Ding, ding, ding, ding! Ha! I get the booby prize. 😝
        Donna helped me. Tee hee hee.


      • Congratulations! At least you didn’t Google it!. You get a gold star. Perhaps you can accumulate enough to trade them in for a Rum Chata! Do you know where we are going next?

        Liked by 1 person

  1. I see the oriole.
    The place looks wide open and serene.
    If you see the Missouri River you are in North Montana.
    I have the US map and trying to follow as you go.


  2. So are you guys the only campers there? Looks nice though. I had no idea the Corps had a campground (but what do I know). I’m finding ticks on my guys — not Elvis though — but not near as many as Dart’s getting.
    I did see that oriole! Cool…


    • We aren’t the only campers, but there aren’t many here. It’s very peaceful. Apparently, it gets busier on the week-ends.


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