I plan to do a post now and then about how we deal with the practical issues of traveling.  Today’s post will be about mail.  We have our mail forwarded to a commercial mail handling facility.  In our case, we use St. Brendan’s Isle located in Green Cove Springs, FL.  You have several options for how to handle your mail.  We have all our junk mail shredded.  We use their mail scan service.  When they receive mail, they scan the outside of the envelope and send me an email telling me I have mail.  When I get a chance, I log in and view the envelope.  If I don’t need it, I can choose to have them shred it.  Examples would be getting paper account information when I have access online.  I don’t need to see the contents, so I have can have it shredded immediately.

Alternatively, I can have the contents scanned. Once the PDF is available, usually within a day, I can choose to have it shredded or sent somewhere.  If I have it sent, I only have to let them know the current address for sending.  If we are stopped in one place long enough, we can have it sent to that campground.  Since we are on our way to visit Jason, our son, I am having items I want sent to him.

I ordered something before we left home and it did not arrive in time.  The package was forwarded to St. Brendan’s Isle who scanned the outside of the package and notified me when it arrived.  I told them to send it to Jason and it arrived at his location in Seattle in a couple days.

When we sell our house, our St. Brendan’s Isle address will become our permanent address while we are traveling full time in the RV.  The basic service costs $11.99 a month and it’s an additional $7.99 for the scan service.  The scan service is so useful, I can’t imagine operating without it.

Tomorrow we leave for our next destination.  It is a 21 mile stretch of the Missouri River that the Lewis and Clark expedition had to portage 18 miles to get around.  Does anyone have a guess?

I have been re-reading the book Undaunted Courage about the the Lewis and Clark expedition.  It’s been particularly fun to read it while we are traveling through some the same territory they traversed.  I have been reading some of the chapters aloud to Regis while we are traveling and he is also enjoying it.  I find myself checking the map constantly to see the locations they are talking about and where they are in relation to where we are.  There is no doubt that I am appreciating this reading of the book more so than the first time since we have been able to visit some of the historic sites.

4 Comments on “Mail

  1. I think we got it! Great Falls!! That is a wonderful place! That’s where I flew in when I went there.
    Are we right??


    • You got it! I can’t wait to see them. It will be about 300 miles. We try to stick between 200-250, but there are fewer options out here. Everything is so far apart.

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  2. You are getting a wonderful opportunity to see parts of the country that very few people see, it’s wonderful to see it through you postings….imagine what it looked like a 100 years ago, in some places maybe little has changed…..look forward to your daily posting, our condolences on the loss of Teco, life has an uncanny way of inferring with plans, but you both handled with grace and strength, it must have been hard. Continued safe travels, and postings on your adventures.
    Love Dad and Lynda

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