Broken Camera Lens

When I tried to take my first landscape pictures this morning, my 18-200mm camera lens wasn’t working correctly and it made a rattling noise.  I couldn’t use the auto focus, which is a problem for me since my eyes aren’t very good anymore.  It got worse as the day wore on.  I’m glad it’s not my 100-400mm.  Darn, darn, darn.  I bought the lens at a camera shop in Seattle, so I may stop by when we get to Seattle and see if anything can be done to fix it.  The glass isn’t broken, but I can’t adjust the lens properly and I’m having trouble with the focus.

We went to a place next to our campground at Fort Peck called the Stillwater Brew. I had one of the best cappucino’s ever.  We also had croissant breakfast sandwiches and they were awesome.  It was so good that we stopped on the way out of the campground an got more coffee drinks and cinnamon buns.  

Most of the Montana we drove through was almost treeless with few signs of civilization except for fences and a few cows here and there.  The first picture is a view driving down the road.  In this view, we started to see some mountain ranges.  These are not the Rockies.  We can’t see them yet.

Regis snapped a picture of the billboard signs because they are the first ones we’ve seen since we left Interstate 94 a few days ago.

We arrived at our campground in Great Falls.  It is by far the most expensive campground we have stayed in but there aren’t many options around here.  For this much money, you would expect a great campground.  The spaces are incredibly tight and the WiFi keeps kicking me off.  They have an awesome splash park for kids.  I guess if I was camping with kids I might feel better about the price.  We are staying here two nights because we want to check out the falls tomorrow.

There are 5 falls along the river here and 5 dams.  That’s why Great Falls considers itself the best dam city in Montana.  There are 48 miles of trails along both sides of the river’s edge.  It is really lovely.  You can bike, rollerblade, walk, or jog.  About 20 miles is paved.  I would love to come back in the future and bike it.  We walked a very short portion of it today.  The dams that we’ve seen so far are perched right about the falls.  From an engineering perspective, that makes a lot of sense.  Aesthetically, not so much.

I also got some animal pictures to share.  The rabbit is chewing on a piece of grass and looks like he’s smoking a cigarette.  I got the picture of the white pelican for Vickie.  The baby geese were just too cute.

One more thing, Great Falls boasts the best bar on earth worth flying for.  It’s called the Sip ‘N Dip.  Mermaids swim behind a glass wall at the bar.  Patrons can sip the 64-ounce drink specialty “the fish bowl”.  You never know what  you’re going to find when you start traveling around!

5 Comments on “Broken Camera Lens

  1. The rabbit does look like he is smoking.
    I like the orange flowers.
    And the falls are so pretty.
    You are not far from Helena.
    Di you get pictures of the SipNDip?


    • I did not go to the Sip ‘N Dip. I went to the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center instead. It was very interesting. I was curious about the boats they used in the expedition and they had replicas or models at the center. Since I just finished reading Undaunted Courage, I had a lot of questions that were answered by going to the Center. I think I’ll pass on seeing the mermaids since we have Dart with us.


  2. That’s a bummer about your camera lens! I hope you can get it fixed ok. I know Montana has a lot of wide open spaces with no trees. Their are a lot of ranches with thousands of acres. I think David Letterman owns a huge ranch not far from there.
    Thanks for the pic of the pelican! Baby geese are so cute!


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