Continental Divide

We crossed the continental divide today.  I had the great privilege of driving when we did it.  Argh –  Driving through the mountains with a trailer.  The posted speed limit was 70 mph the whole way.  Sometimes it dropped to 55 mph on a curve.  I drove between 30 mph to 50 mph the whole way.  You shouldn’t drive 70 even in a race car.

What my mom remembers about Montana is the little prairie dogs running out in front of your car while you are whizzing down the highway.  In the many years since she’s been here, I can say the prairie dogs haven’t changed.

I learned a lesson this morning.  When Regis gets a bug up his tail to be in a hurry to leave, watch out.  I was enjoying a cup of coffee.  I set it down to do something and was thinking about how I was going to enjoy those last swallows.  I returned to find my cup missing because Regis dumped it out to clean the cup to pack it to go.  Never mind that he could see there was coffee in the cup.

We arrived in our Missoula campgorund around lunch.  We were going to take a short hike in the Rattlesnake Wilderness and National Recreation Area which is close by.  Unfortunately, I woke up with a headache that turned into a migraine around lunch.  I took some medication, but I was useless all afternoon with no desire to go anywhere.  Regis probably didn’t mind sitting around and relaxing.  Since the sun was beating down, Dart was probably just as happy to hang out in the shade.  I tried to throw his disc for him, but the location is sunny and he gave up quickly.  You know he’s hot when he turns down a chance to play.

We are considering making a trek up to Glacier National Park tomorrow.  It is a 2 hour drive from here and a 53 mile drive through the park.  Round trip that would be a long day, but probably worth it.  I have to check to see if the road is open all the way.  The literature says it doesn’t open until mid June, but the mountain tops here don’t look too bad with snow cover.  Although, the mountains may be higher up there.  If we go, we should at least be able to drive part of the way.  We’ll see if we’re up to the long drive in the morning.  There is plenty to see close by if we want to limit our time behind the wheel.

Our next stop is Spokane for 2 nights and then probably straight to Seattle.  We have no idea where we are going to stay in Seattle, so it’s probably time to figure that out.

8 Comments on “Continental Divide

  1. You are a few miles from Idaho.
    If you go to Glacier National Park, check and see if the log you guys tried to burn is still there.
    I’ll bet it is.
    Remember that mountain you tried to climb and Bobby fell so you didn’t make it.


    • Sadly, the road is only open for the first 15 miles going in. We will have to go to Glacier another time. Perhaps connected to a trip to Banff.


      • BTW, dad was the one who tried to burn that log. 🙂


  2. Haha I know what it’s like to travel with someone who’s got the bug to get out in a hurry!! I had a migraine yesterday morning at the agility trials, so I wasn’t up to speed and made mistakes in handling. Fortunately I carry stuff for that in my purse so I was better for the boys in the afternoon. When Linda F and I go to KY in March we have to drive that van and trailer through W.Va. up and down the mountains too. Scary, isn’t it?
    Good luck at Glacier! Love hearing about your adventures.

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