Did I Say Hot?

We entered Washington today.  Our drive from Missoula to Spokane Valley was entirely through the mountains.  Idaho is beautiful.  There were no flat spots to be seen on our route.

When we got to Spokane Valley, we took Dart for a walk along the Spokane River.  They have a paved trail, which is great for hiking, jogging, biking, and roller blading.  It was hot.  I was worried about Dart’s feet burning on the pavement.  When his tongue started dragging on the ground (only kidding) on our walk, we turned around to come back.   We later found out that the temperature reached 99 degrees in Spokane.

There is a Kamp K9 here at the KOA that has a miniature agility course.  I took Dart to the course this afternoon and he went bonkers.  It was like whetting his appetite without satisfying it.  He ran the equipment well and even stayed at the end of the contacts until released.  But, he was so exuberant he kept barking and jumping up.  He loves agility and I think he wanted a real course.  If we are able to get settled in one place when we get to Seattle, I will see if I can find a training facility that we can go to.

We entered Pacific time today.

We have no plans for tomorrow.  We hope to keep out of the car to give Dart a break.  We know there is a Farmers Market tomorrow morning in Spokane, so we will try to get there early and then keep close to the campsite the rest of the day.  Thursday we will head straight for a campground south of Seattle.  We see Jason on Friday.

2 Comments on “Did I Say Hot?

  1. I like that when I click on the pictures they come full screen
    I’ll bet Jason is happy you are almost there.
    I got the atlas book,


  2. That was cool that they had an agility set up for Dart! I’m enjoying your blog and pictures.
    Hope it cools down for you.


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