Fresh Fish!

We woke up to a chilly and overcast day.  Jason says that the weather has been sunny and warm until today.  Regis blames the change in weather on me.

Jason took us to Seattle where we went to the new Starbucks Roastery.  I got a cappuccino.  It was unlike any cappuccino I have ever had, but it was very delicious – and beautiful!

We then went to Pike’s Place with Dart.  The place was crowded.  I’m sure that Dart was hating every minute of it but he was very well behaved.  I went to the fish market to get fresh fish.  It was awesome.  So many choices and not enough room in our freezer/refrigerator to purchase a lot.  I settled for rainbow trout and Copper River salmon.  We ate the trout for dinner with fresh corn and fresh baked bread.  I am going to make French Toast tomorrow morning with the leftover bread.   I’m ready to move to Seattle for the fresh food.  I’m not really a city person but could probably get over it with such accessible great food.

We also got fresh nectarines, strawberries, and the corn at the market.  The nectarines were so juicy you had to eat them over the sink and suck the juices in as you were taking a bite.  Jason told me he was making a Nectarine Mojito with his nectarine.  I almost drove to his apartment to get one myself.  Maybe I can get him to make a Mojito tomorrow with the strawberries.  Yum!

We made plans to go to the North Cascades next week-end to hike.  I searched some other campgrounds around Seattle and had some difficulty because of the US open golf tournament taking place this week (here of all places).  Who would have known it would impact camping availability.  I was able to make reservations in a campground in Everett but we have to move 3 times in 4 days in the campground.  It’s better than moving to another campground!

The last picture here is all that’s left of the delicious trout – skin (which Dart happily ate).

One Comment on “Fresh Fish!

  1. I’m happy you all are enjoying yourselves! 😊
    The description of the nectarine makes me want to go buy some but I’m sure they won’t be as good and juicy as you had.


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