Two Hikes

We went to Whidbey Island today and had a great time on two hikes.  We had to take the ferry to the Island.  The first hike was on the beach.  We went to a beach that allowed dogs off leash.  Dart had such a good time.  We plan to go again tomorrow and we’ll see if we can get some video of his exuberance.  This dog loves being off leash and loves the beach.  I’m am loading this blog post up with pictures below to make up for the last couple days.

We saw lots of eagles, immature and adults.  We also saw lots of little crabs running on the beach.  I posted a picture below of a crab up against my shoe.

The sky was incredibly blue.  The evergreens were deep, dark green.  When you looked at the evergreens with the backdrop of the deep blue sky, it was stunning.  I couldn’t stop looking at it.  The song “The Bluest Skies You’ve Ever Seen in Seattle” kept running through my head as I looked at the sky.  The water was blue, the trees were green, and the sky was blue.  It almost overwhelms the senses taking it all in with bald eagles screaming in the background.  It makes you feel so alive.  Maybe that’s why Dart was zooming all over the beach jumping and barking.  He was so happy.  I know why.

Our next hike was through an old growth forest.  The trees were awesome.  There were lots of ferns.  The trees are so big, it’s hard to take a picture.  I’m stuck with my big zoom lens for now and couldn’t take a picture because the trees were so big.  Any pictures we got are from Regis’s camera.

The first picture is a view from the ferry.  The third picture is a fort Dart found. The fifth picture is a crab next to my shoe. The sixth picture shows how patriotic this community is.  Everyone is flying a US flag. The seventh picture is a telephone booth.  When is the last time you saw one of those? The next three pictures are in the old growth forest.  That last picture is a view of the Cascades from the ferry.

When on the beach you could see Puget sound with the Olympic mountains in the background on one side and the Cascades in the background on the other side.  What a view!!!!!!

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