Whidbey Island

We went to Whidbey Island again today.  We loved it and it was great to be able to take Dart off leash on the beach.  It wasn’t as hazy, so we noticed Mount Rainier in the distance.  We didn’t see it yesterday.  Pretty wild.  This picture is taken from the beach on Whidbey Island and shows Seattle on the right and Mount Rainier to the left of Seattle.

When we got on the Island, I pointed out to Regis we could drive all the way up it and cross a bridge back to the mainland and loop around and come back without taking the ferry.  He said he wasn’t interested in driving that much. (You know where this is headed.)

Dart cut his paw pad yesterday.  We thought he would be okay, but as soon as he got to the wet part of the beach, he kept stopping to bite at his paw.  We think the salt water may have been causing him some pain.  As a result, we didn’t walk on the beach as planned.  Since the sun was out and we had no shade, Dart was not happy, so we left pretty soon.  But, not before I got a picture of these two dogs playing.

I like this backlit heron shot. 

Regis kept driving north on the Island and pointing out all the restaurants.  I figured that meant he was hungry, so I suggested we stop and get something to eat.  We found a dock with picnic tables and a local restaurant to serve us.  While we were waiting for lunch to be served, we saw a seal in the water.

After we left the restaurant, Regis kept driving north and we saw a family of bald eagles in a field.  It looked like mom and dad were on the ground with one youngster while another was circling overhead.  A guy was trying to mow the field.

Regis kept driving north until he was over 3/4 up the island.  He then suggested we continue and drive to the mainland.

We had to drive over Deception Pass to get to Fidalgo Island that connects to the mainland.  It was stunning.  I jumped out with Regis’ camera to take pictures but failed to remember to push the button down the whole way.  Let me tell you, those pictures would have been awesome.  It would have been National Geographic material.  Sadly, we have no pictures.  You’ll have to go to Deception Pass  yourself and see how stunningly beautiful it is.

Off to the North Cascades tomorrow!!

2 Comments on “Whidbey Island

  1. Have you gotten the camera lens fixed?
    I like the dog shot and the eagles.
    Were they protecting the baby?


    • The camera lens is still in for repair. We have to make sure we don’t venture too far so we can retrieve it when it is ready. The baby eagle had probably just fledged and mom and dad were taking care of it. I suspect the one circling in the air hatched first and was enjoying the fact that it could fly.


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