Mount Baker Lake hike

We hiked 8 miles round trip today on a beautiful hike.  The forest was beautiful.  The path was a little above the lake, so we got views of the lake now and then.  I still find the aqua color of the water unbelievable.  We got occasional views of the snow capped mountains.  It was one of the nicest hikes I have been on.

WA 004

I loaded several of today’s pictures on flickr (see right side of screen).  The dogs had a great time and were well behaved.

The place that Jason got the recommendation for the hike, suggested a stop at the local Brew Pub after the hike.  We thought that sounded like a great idea, so we dropped the dogs off at the RV and went to the Brew Pub.  Upon pulling up, we noticed a place that looked like you tied up your horses.  By the time we left, it was obvious that it was, indeed, a place to tie up your horse.  In our parting picture, you will see that we have the only vehicle and we are clearly in the minority by not riding a horse to the Brew Pub.

Horses at bar

2 thoughts on “Mount Baker Lake hike

  1. OMG that is god’s country.
    The place is beautiful
    What was the pub like.?
    I pulled up all the pictures.


  2. Wow! Gods creation is awesome!! Those trees are huge! That is cool with the horses at the hitching post. Great pictures! Looks like you are having a blast. Miss you!


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