We moved from Concrete to Burlington and will stay here for 9 days.  Looking forward to it!!

We like the campground and it really works for us with dogs.  I’ve been researching hikes and have a couple planned for this week.  We also plan to take care of issues that have popped up with the RV.  Regis went to the hardware store today and I did the wash and dusted the RV.  We took the dogs for a couple walks around the campground and I continue to be amazed how many times each dog can poop.  One of these days you’ll get a picture of twenty dollar bills sitting in their food bowls.  I may try it!!

We sat around in the sun most of the day reading (me) or just relaxing (Regis and the dogs).

If we were worried about how well Coco would fit in, see this picture.

I brushed both dogs today.  They are both made out of different types of velcro.  Since Coco has a recent haircut, she was easy to brush out and I got all the seeds out of her head.  The seeds turned her into a chia pet.  I took the shedding comb to Dart and the air was filled with dog undercoat.  It’s amazing how much hair can come out of a sheltie on a regular basis.

Following are some pictures of Coco that are more flattering.

It’s really nice to get my Bedlington fix in.  I’ve had two Bedlingtons in the past and absolutely love them.  They are the sweetest dogs.  They definitely attract attention.  Most folks have never seen a Bedlington and a Bedlington can stop them in there tracks.  We’ve only had her to ourselves 24 hours and we’ve been stopped several times by folks who want to know what she is.

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    • No. We are just enjoying her for a few weeks. She is very easy to have around.


  1. You know you really want one, don’t you?? 😉 Linda F has puppies now! We may breed my sweet little girl next year too… …. if that won’t fit the bill she may have an extra Deerhound puppy (bwahaha).

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