These Mountains are Crazy

The mountains here are mysterious.  One day you’ll be in a spot and not see a particular mountain, the next day there will be a huge, snow-capped mountain looming.  Sometimes the huge mountains look small and other times they are overwhelming.  The mountains that play with your head the most here are Mt. Rainier (especially) and Mt. Baker.  When we drove on Route 20 from Fidalgo Island the other day, we did not see Mt. Baker.  Today, we drove the same road, turned the corner, and the mountain was there.  The same thing happened when we looked at Seattle from Whidbey Island.  The first day, we didn’t see Mt. Rainier.  The next day, it was unmistakable.  I know the haze accounts for some of this, but it is still eerie.  I don’t understand why the size changes from one day to the next.  Mt. Rainier and Mt. Baker can look bigger, the further away you are.

We went back to Deception Pass today and did some hiking.  I love the Pacific Coast and Maine because the mountains/hills meet the ocean and it is stunning.  Also, the water is very clear and blue.  We saw some dolphins or porpoises way off in the water.   It was 56 degrees where we hiked by the water and 20 degrees warmer when we got back to camp in Burlington.

On the way back from the hike, Regis asked if I thought we needed to stop for anything on the way back.  I suggested ice cream.  He looked at me with disgust (like that’s not what he meant), but then quickly asked me to let him know if I see anything.  Of course I found a place and the ice cream was delicious.  We encountered two separate groups from Maryland (out of about 4 cars total).  I guess Marylander’s like ice cream!

My lens is ready.  We plan to pick it up tomorrow.  I’m looking forward to having it back.

The dogs are waiting for water in the picture below and probably hoping for a treat too.

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