The Fly

The most entertaining thing that happened today was watching Coco chase a fly that got in the RV.  Had I known it would be so much fun to watch, I would have tried to get a fly in sooner!

I picked up my lens today and it works great.  Today I remembered that on one of the flights I took this last year, they made me check my carry on bag.  I always carry my camera on the plane in a camera bag that looks like a backpack.  If I knew I was going to have to check the camera, I would have used a better bag.  I didn’t have a choice.  I believe my lens may have been damaged as a result.  It’s great to have the lens back.

There are some cows next to our campground and one calf.  I walked the dogs by the field today and didn’t notice the calf.  When one of the cows saw the dogs, she started to trot over and moo.  After first, I thought she was curious.  Then, I noticed the little calf laying in the field.  It was hard to see him/her in the grass.  Mom stopped at the little calf and mooed at us until we left.  I got a couple pictures later.  The little one looks just like mom.

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