We went to a local Co-op today to pick up some food and they had kielbasa.  We figured we’d give it a try.  I was hoping for some local trout, but there was no trout so we bought the kielbasa.  We couldn’t find any horseradish.  I grew up eating kielbasa with horseradish.  If you didn’t make numerous facial contortions while eating the kielbasa with horseradish, you either didn’t have fresh horseradish or you failed to put enough on.  Until you couldn’t breathe, you didn’t have enough horseradish.  Sadly, we couldn’t find horseradish and had to use mustard instead.  Mustard is okay, but simply not the same. The kielbasa was the spiciest I have ever had, but it was pretty good.

The owners of our campground pulled out about 4 trailers from storage and set them up for the week-end.  I suppose the owners of the trailers have arrived by now or will later today.  Most of the trailers had Canadian tags.

I spent some time tweaking plans for our return trip.  There are so many choices and we can’t do them all.

Seattle is celebrating Pride this week-end.  They have a lot to celebrate this time as a result of today’s Supreme Court ruling.  Hooray for justice! Today LOVE WINS!

I’ve been practicing with my camera and have a picture below of Dart’s blue spot in his one eye.  That’s Regis making dinner.

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7 thoughts on “Kielbasa

  1. I never heard of kielbasa with horseradish. I’ll have to try that! BTW which breeder did Coco come from? Linda F wasn’t sure if it was where I got Shasta from or someone else. She sure is cute!


    • Jason got Coco from Linda. I picked her up from Linda and Jason flew in from Seattle to take her back with him on the plane.


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