Mt. Baker

We took a ride up to Mt. Baker today.  We went on the Chuckanut Drive first which goes from Burlington to Bellingham along Puget Sound.  Beautiful!!!  Then we headed to Mt. Baker.  There were some girls offering car washes along the way, so we took advantage of having someone clean over 3100 miles of dirt off the truck.  The girls were great and scrubbed and scrubbed (the bugs were really stuck on the front!).  We made a good contribution for their work and immediately headed off to get the truck dusty again.

The pictures are better than any words that I can say.  It was hot, so we didn’t venture far off the roadway with the dogs.  There tongues were hanging low pretty quickly.  We went to the Nooksack Falls and walked around a bit at the end of the road at the top.  We let the dogs walk on the snow and the first thing Coco did on the snow was pee.  There were a couple cute snowmen someone built.

On the way back we got some great sandwiches and vanilla cream sodas at a local place.  At the campground, I twisted Regis’ arm to go to the ice cream social.  As you can imagine, it was very difficult to get him to agree to go!

A local sign says “If you see a fork in the road, pick it up.”

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