RV Steps and the Dogs

The first time we put Dart and Tekoe in the RV, they jumped out. That’s dangerous and it is surprising they didn’t get hurt (especially Tekoe).  As a result, we taught Dart not to exit the RV and we lifted him out.  We also lifted him in.   He got very good at this and would place himself nicely in your arms to do it.

When Coco arrived at the RV, she easily ran up and down the steps.  I became determined to teach Dart how to do the same.

This week, we were successful in teaching Dart to go up and down the steps.  He still has problems going down properly because he prefers to leap off the steps.  We mostly have it under control but I can’t declare victory yet.  Perhaps I never can.  I taught him to properly stop at the bottom of agility course obstacles and as he improved, I got lazy about enforcing the stay at the bottom.  The result:  He leaped off the top of the A-frame in a trial right in front of the judge and rolled a couple times when he hit the bottom.  We had to go back to training and enforcing stays at the bottom again.

There is one problem that both dogs are having trouble with that will require training not to go up until told.  Earlier this week, Coco ran up the steps and crashed into the screen door.  It has happened more than once, so we have to be careful not to allow her near the steps until the door is opened.  Dart apparently didn’t want to be left out and he crashed into the screen door today.  Being heavier and less agile, he didn’t recover as well as Coco and had to nurse a hurt leg for awhile.

First, we couldn’t get Dart to go up the steps.  Now, we have to stop him from going up until commanded without confusing him.

My mom was admitted to the hospital yesterday.  She was having trouble breathing and may have a blockage in her heart.  They are performing a procedure tomorrow.  Hopefully, all will go well and she’ll be ready to do some traveling in no time.

5 Comments on “RV Steps and the Dogs

  1. Oh no, hope your mom is better soon!

    Dart’s story reminds me of how Elvis used to leap up to his crate at night. After a few times of crashing into a closed crate door, he waits ’til I make sure the door is open (or he looks first!). Open or not, he absolutely will not jump up if the crate door below his isn’t closed. Silly boy.


  2. Hope Dart feels better after the crash.
    Thinking of you and your mom in prayers. Praying all will turn out all right.


  3. thanks you all. We should get some answers to tests by the end of the day.


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