North Cascades

Once again, this country is stunning.  We drove through the North Cascades today.  It was a long drive but worth it.  The dogs may not have agreed, but they did get to split a hot dog for lunch since I forgot their lunch treats.

No words are adequate to describe how beautiful the country is in and around the North Cascades National Park.  The streams and reservoirs are a beautiful color green.  I can’t find the word to describe the color, but it is amazing.  When we were driving up to the park, the air temperature began to rise and there was a mist hanging above the Skagit River.  The water was probably very cold.  It was awesome.

We spent so much time stopping at overlooks and oohing and aahing that I began to think it would take us days to get through the park.  (Regis will tell you it’s because I had to make frequent bathroom stops.)  In my original plan, we were going to go from Concrete to the east side of the Cascades to camp.  We were going to drive around on the Cascade Loop.  Inability to get campground reservations coupled with waiting for my lens to be repaired made that plan un-doable.  So, we settled for a long drive through the park and back today.

My favorite sign for today:  Weeds are a pain in the grass.

Mom update:  My mom had her surgery today and they found no critical blockage.  I’m not sure what they did, but she was well enough to go home this evening.  My sister is staying with her tonight to make sure she is okay.  I was out of cell phone range most of today, so I haven’t talked to my sister/brother yet to get more details.

5 Comments on “North Cascades

    • I haven’t been following the local news and didn’t know about them. I just looked up the information on the fires and the closest one to us is in Wenatchee. We would have camped in Wenatchee if we had done the Cascade Loop. At our farthest point east today in Winthrop, WA we were about 100 miles north of Wenatchee. I guess we’ll have to start paying close attention to our plans since it is wildfire season. Thanks for letting us know!


    • I see there is a wildfire on the Olympic Peninsula by Port Angeles which is where we are going on Wednesday. We’ll have to keep an eye on that one!


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