Today we cleaned up, bought supplies, and planned where we go from here.  Regis tried to clean the front of the RV as best he could.  Many campgrounds won’t let you clean your RV in the campground.  Therefore, cleaning the RV is a problem.  In Spokane, we saw an ad at the campground to have someone come clean the camper, but when we called the phone was disconnected.  We got the truck cleaned the other day, but the RV has over 3,000 miles worth of bugs splattered on it.  We continue to seek a solution to getting it adequately cleaned.  Regis made progress today but we need to get a good cleaning done.

I made campground plans through a visit to Yellowstone.  Yellowstone was the biggest problem as far as getting reservations.  I had to take what I could get and plan around that.  I currently have a plan that gets us home by September 9.  We may adjust a bit after Yellowstone, but we have reservations through then.  We arrive at Yellowstone on August 6.

Tomorrow, we hop on the ferry with the RV and head to Port Townsend and then to Port Angeles to camp.  We will stay there for 12 days.  That is the longest we will stay in any place and there is a wildfire in the area.  It should be interesting.  Jason will meet up with us the week-end after the fourth of July.  When he leaves, he takes Coco with him.  Boo hoo!  She is a doll baby and we will miss her.  Even Dart is beginning to get cozy with her.

Regis has a strict rule that no dogs are allowed in the bed unless they are invited, which is not very often.  Coco has managed to worm her way into his heart and she has slept with us the last two nights.

We had a talk about what we would like if we lived in an RV full time.  We are very comfortable with the size of our RV and have never felt we needed more room.  But, the size of the RV limits our access to public campgrounds.  Public campgrounds are often the nicest places to camp.  Also, our RV is probably not built for full-time use.  If we sell the house and live full-time in the RV, we may reconsider what we would do long term.  Right now, we wouldn’t change a thing.  Long-term, we might do otherwise.

We took our house off the market temporarily while we regroup since the house hasn’t sold yet.  We may relist when we get back in September or hold off.  We are still thinking about what to do.

We have learned that we need to spend more time in one spot and less time driving.  We have enjoyed staying here 9 days and not feeling like we need to investigate the area every day.  If we only stay a couple days, we try to check the place out before we move on.  Sometimes, you need to stop and not do anything.

We will stay 12 days in our next location, so it is a good opportunity to test the waters on staying put.

I have an observation about our campground.  There are a lot of Canadians in it.  Many of the campgrounds and other places fly US and Canadian flags.

Many of the current RV occupants are friends with the owners and each other.  We feel left out that we don’t know everyone.  It appears that many of the campers are regulars.

6 Comments on “Planning

    • I guess we’ll have to come visit. Although, Regis is concerned about Polish Hill. He doesn’t want to drive the truck up it. I told him to park at the bottom and walk up. He said “no way”.


  1. I’m not surprised Coco’s gotten her way! It’s hard to resist, and I have 6 of them plus Elvis, all charmers.
    BTW I’m thinking of some NADAC agility in my future, I may enter one at Periland later this month. Will miss you!


    • I like Periland. Good luck! I can see from Coco how agile those Bedlingtons are.


  2. Donna said you could check out Red Dog Farm for some fresh produce in Chimacum Creek. It’s about 20 miles from where you will be staying. Suppose to be one of the best in the country for produce.


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