Month: July 2015

Not Posting For a Few Days

We are in a place in Idaho without cell phone service or internet service.  Once we get back to service, we will continue posting.  We hope to be in Missoula on Monday and should get back online at that time.  We had to drive… Continue Reading “Not Posting For a Few Days”

Amber Waves of Grain

We have to find a top of a hill or a town with access to cell service.  Dayton had access so we sat in the park and uploaded pics. We also ate lunch and played with dart. We will post today’s pictures when we… Continue Reading “Amber Waves of Grain”

Limited Access!

It’s a good thing I went grocery shopping in Ellensburg because we are in no man’s land.  By going the way the GPS sent us, we turned on a road that said you couldn’t drive trucks or RV’s on it.  That was how we… Continue Reading “Limited Access!”

First Paddle Board Dunk

We went to Leavenworth, WA today and I went paddle boarding on the Wenatchee River.  It was a couple firsts for me.  It was the first time I used a blow up paddle board.  I’m amazed out how sturdy they are.  I struggled more… Continue Reading “First Paddle Board Dunk”

Goodbye to Seattle, Jason and my lens!

This morning we headed to Seattle to have lunch with Jason and say our good-byes.  When I was getting out of the car after we arrived, I dropped my camera on the ground.  The good news is that the camera still works.  The bad… Continue Reading “Goodbye to Seattle, Jason and my lens!”

Gingko Petrified Forest

Today we had to choose among a couple hiking options.  We usually wind up hiking because having Dart with us limits our options for adventure.  Most places don’t allow dogs.  We decided to go to the Gingko Petrified Forest.  It also happens to be… Continue Reading “Gingko Petrified Forest”

Umtanum Falls

We hiked to Umtanum Falls today.   Once we got to the trail head, it was only a mile hike to the falls, but we were able leave Dart off the leash so it worked well for him.  After all those hikes in the… Continue Reading “Umtanum Falls”

Back to Washington

We went from the Oregon Coast to Central Washington today.  To start the trip, I needed my cappuccino and Regis needed his latte.  It’s hard to go through the drive-through with the RV, so Regis had to pretend he was driving a car. The… Continue Reading “Back to Washington”

Making Cheese and Putting Greens

We went to the Tillamook Cheese factory today to watch them make cheese.  There were a lot of visitors, so it was very crowded.  I didn’t like that, so we didn’t stay long.  Most importantly, we got some ice cream before we left.  Tillamook… Continue Reading “Making Cheese and Putting Greens”

Tide Pools

We got up early to see the tide pools at low tide.  The weather was sunny at the campground but foggy at the shore.  We spent a couple hours looking through the tide pools.  The water is very clear in the pools, so it… Continue Reading “Tide Pools”