Not Posting For a Few Days

We are in a place in Idaho without cell phone service or internet service.  Once we get back to service, we will continue posting.  We hope to be in Missoula on Monday and should get back online at that time.  We had to drive 24 miles to get to this spot just to catch up on a few things.

I’m going through withdrawal!!!

The campsite at Dworshak State Park is lovely and I rented a paddle board for the day, so we will enjoy it here.  It’s mostly quiet but there are quite a few campers with tiki bar kinds of set ups.  They aren’t too rowdy, but clearly they know how to have a good time around here.

Amber Waves of Grain

We managed to load yesterdays pictures on flickr.  We have to find a top of a hill or a town with access to cell service.  Dayton had access so we sat in the park and uploaded pics. We also ate lunch and played with dart.

We will post today’s pictures when we can.

I would say that today was mostly about amber waves of grain.  There is a lot of grain growing here and they are harvesting it all over the place. There is a constant train of trucks hauling gain to the silos.  We will load the pictures tomorrow when we can find a place to upload them.

As beautiful as it is here, I miss my version of civilization.  We went to a hilltop and took pictures of the sunset with the windmills and hills in the distance.  It was stunning and I loved it.  We brought our chairs and sat and enjoyed the sunset.  Oh my gosh. What can I say?

We will post our favorite pictures tomorrow.  There are lots of deer around.

We took some pictures of harvesting the grain.  I would normally think brown when I look at this area but amber might be the better description.  We think it is wheat but we don’t know for sure.

This is an amazing place to spend a couple days but I would not like to stay for an extended period of  time.  We’ve enjoyed our evenings at the top of the ridges. Tonight was much better than last night, much warmer with very little breeze. Hopefully it will be just as nice tomorrow.

Limited Access!

It’s a good thing I went grocery shopping in Ellensburg because we are in no man’s land.  By going the way the GPS sent us, we turned on a road that said you couldn’t drive trucks or RV’s on it.  That was how we were supposed to get to the camp ground.  Fortunately, I had enough cell phone signal at that location to find out how to get here.  We had to go 24 miles the other way to another road and then 19 miles up a canyon road.  The road where the camp ground is dead ends at a wilderness area further up this canyon.

I have NO cell phone signal and the WiFi access is very limiting.  It appears I will still be able to post, but I won’t be able to get pictures posted until we can get to a signal.  I can use the cell phone as a hot spot to upload photos if we can find a signal on the top of the canyon somewhere.  We have some great photos, including one of a baby deer.  We’ll see what we can do tomorrow.  If not, we’ll just have to wait until we get back to civilization.

I think Regis is in his element.  I’m scared.  At least 60 miles off the interstate and another 19 miles up the cayon, what if I have appendicitis?  When I registered at the camp ground, the host made a point to warn me about the rattle snakes.  She said it has been very dry and they are thirsty.  She said they aren’t normally a problem but they are more bothersome this year.

Of course, I’m petrified to walk Dart.  I’m happy to explore the country side from the safety of the car but that won’t satisfy Dart’s needs to be a dog.

The little camp store is called The Last Resort because it is the last place you will get any food, gas, drink, etc. as you head up this canyon.  We are so far away from an interstate that Regis will get his biggest desire which is to get away from the noise of the traffic.  He would like to have the RV windows open but at night it is down right cold.

I’ve never been to a place quite like this.  It awesome, beautiful, and fascinating.  it is probably good for me to get sort of off the grid for awhile.  But, I admit, I like technology and the advantages it brings.  I want the best of both worlds!

First Paddle Board Dunk

WA 012 IMG_1236We went to Leavenworth, WA today and I went paddle boarding on the Wenatchee River.  It was a couple firsts for me.  It was the first time I used a blow up paddle board.  I’m amazed out how sturdy they are.  I struggled more today with keeping my balance but I’m not sure whether it was the board, the river, or both.  The river had a swift current.  I’ve had to deal with currents before, but never anything like this.  This was a one way river.  You went with the current, period.  The water was very clear and the scenery was outstanding.  But, I spent most of my time looking down for rocks.  There were several rapids on the river and I lost it in the first rapid.  I managed to keep my paddle which is amazing if you were to have been a witness.

After getting through the rapid, I stood up on the board again and promptly dunked in the second rapid.  (Annie would have been proud of me!)  I went almost the rest of the way on my knees after that.  It’s not as far to fall!  But, I never lost it in a rapid again once I gave up standing up.  I clearly need a guide next time I do a river with rapids so I can have some one teach me how to keep upright!  It was definitely exhilarating.   I would have preferred that it be warmer if I was going for a swim, but I was smart enough to wear clothes that dried fast.

Dart and Regis greeted me at the end of the trip.  I changed into dry clothes and we ate lunch at a place that allows dogs out on the deck.  The view was fabulous.  Leavenworth is a touristy town with a Bavarian flair.  It was a little crowded, but fun nevertheless.  Here are some pictures of the town.  The last picture is the scene from our lunch table on the deck.  What a view!!

WA 009 WA 017 IMG_1239

Dart and I took a nap when we got back.


I found a camera repair shop in Missoula, MT.  Since we are driving by Missoula on the way home, I plan to stop and see if there is any hope for getting my lens fixed.  I really like that lens and can’t stand the thought of finishing this trip without it.

I also went grocery shopping tonight.  We are going to Pomeroy tomorrow and it looks like a very small town.  I don’t know what kind of phone or internet access we will have.  Even though most camp grounds have WiFi access, it isn’t always usable.  When that happens, I use my phone as a hot spot so I can still post the blog.  In our Burlington camp ground, my phone was useless but the WiFi was great so it worked out.  We are a little concerned that the next couple of places may not have good access.  If you don’t see any blog postings over the next couple of days, we are hopelessly lost in the wilderness or we lack internet access.

Goodbye to Seattle, Jason and my lens!

This morning we headed to Seattle to have lunch with Jason and say our good-byes.  When I was getting out of the car after we arrived, I dropped my camera on the ground.  The good news is that the camera still works.  The bad news is the lens I just fixed is broken, perhaps beyond repair.  See picture below with exposed electronic parts.  Argh!!!!


We had a wonderful lunch with Jason at Cutter’s, right on the sound.  The food was delicious and the company delightful.  After lunch, we went to a camera store where I purchased a 10-18mm lens.  The one I broke is an 18-200mm lens.  I’m hoping it can be fixed but I will have to wait until I get home to find a repair shop.  We won’t be in one place long enough before then to try to get it repaired along the way.

I need to find an Otter case for my camera.  I doubt they make them, but it would work for me.  I have an Otter Case for my phone and my kindle and it has saved their lives on many an occasion.   If I continue to be such a klutz, I may have to give up photography because I can’t afford to keep fixing camera parts.

I have been considering buying a paddle board.  I will have to wait and see what the cost of repairing or replacing this lens is before I can think about a paddle board.

Worst of all, was saying good-bye to Jason.  It has been awesome to get to see him so often and I don’t know when we’ll get to see him again.  We’re going to miss Coco too.  The two of them are an amazing combination.  I hope we get to see each other again soon for the right reasons.

Gingko Petrified Forest

Today we had to choose among a couple hiking options.  We usually wind up hiking because having Dart with us limits our options for adventure.  Most places don’t allow dogs.  We decided to go to the Gingko Petrified Forest.  It also happens to be on the Columbia River and I was interested in seeing the river again.  Additionally, the drive was only about 30 miles.

The Interpretive Center is right on the Columbia River, so we got some outstanding views of the river.  There were several interpretive signs explaining the landscape and I loaded them on flickr for those of you who are interested in the geology.  It explains that there was once a plush forest there and that is why there are all the petrified trees buried in this spot.  The first picture shows several pieces of petrified logs with the Columbia River in the background.  While we were at the center, three bighorn sheep showed up.  I think it was a mother and two young.  They were very brave and I was able to get a bunch of good shots.  Other pictures are loaded on flickr.  The interpretive center contained some original petroglyphs that were very interesting.  I posted an example below and the interpretive signs.  I hope you can read the signs if you expand the pictures.

WA 003 WA 007 WA 014 WA 021 WA 025 WA 031 WA 040 WA 041 WA 042 WA 046

The local tourist trap had some cute dinosaurs out front.  This was my favorite.

WA 055

A couple miles from the interpretive center had a trail you could hike that contained quite a variety of petrified logs.  There was a warning sign at the beginning of the hike about rattlesnakes.  So, I was right about those rascals!!!  Except for the petrified trees, there are no other trees around.  The sun beats down on you and there was a dry wind.  We were worried about Dart, so we decided not to do any more hiking after we finished this trail.  After a brief stop in town to pick up dog shampoo, we headed back to the camp ground for a late lunch.

WA 059 WA 060

The wind picked up a lot and really spooked Dart, so I gave him medication to calm him down.  It made him very wobbly, so I will either cut the dose in the future or just cuddle with him when he gets that nervous.  It continues to be very windy.  I wonder if Dart will get any sleep tonight.

Umtanum Falls

We hiked to Umtanum Falls today.   On the way there was saw this view of Mount Adams (we think) and this deer on the side of the road.

WA 001 WA 005

Once we got to the trail head, it was only a mile hike to the falls, but we were able leave Dart off the leash so it worked well for him.  After all those hikes in the mountains and on the coast, this was definitely different.  There was very little water in the stream, so the falls were not particularly spectacular.  I had read that you can see the old lava flows in the Pacific Northwest.  We noticed them on the coast but we could also see them on this hike.

IMG_1218 IMG_1216 WA 011 WA 006

On the way back, we headed further down this gravel road that we thought would end shortly.  It didn’t and it seemed we drove forever.  We eventually got to a paved road and was able to use the GPS to get us back.  The trail head for the hike was about 10 miles from our camp ground.  By the time we hit pavement on the way home, the GPS sent us on a path that took 55 miles to get back to the campground.  Here are some shots on the way home.  Wherever you see green, someone has water available to them or it is along the creek bed.

WA 018 WA 017 WA 016

Yesterday, when I went shopping, I picked up some cashews.  We like to nibble on cashews as a snack.  Regis took this picture to point out that I didn’t pick up regular cashews.  I don’t think Regis likes them which means I know that I won’t like them.  My favorite cashews are Planters Honey Roasted Cashews but sometimes they are hard to find.


One last thought.  Coco seems to have rubbed off on Dart.  There were a couple of chipmunks along the trail today and he was obsessed with them.  He usually gets curious but is easily called off.  Today, it was harder to get him to come along.  After we got going on the trail, I got to thinking about rattlesnakes.  I think this might be rattlesnake country.  My dear friends husband told me a story about rattlesnakes before we left on this trip, so I was obsessed with thinking about them most of the way and worried about Dart getting bit.  (Thank you so much Erik!)

We think we saw a pair of Golden Eagles on the hike.  We paid a great deal of attention to them and tried to note their markings and sounds.  We came back and looked up in the book and listened to sounds on the internet and it appears they were Golden Eagles.  I read they are in this area, so it is possible that is what we saw.  Nevertheless, it is hard to believe we got that lucky.