We took the ferry from Whidbey Island to the Olympic Peninsula today.  We left from Coupeville and sailed into Port Townsend.  I drove to get more driving experience with the RV.  It didn’t turn out to be as scary as I expected to drive onto the ferry.  We got to share the privilege with one other RV of being in the front of the ferry.  It was a great view!  Notice the hood of the truck in the second picture.  I saw a seal on the way over.

Here is a view of Port Townsend as we were coming in.

It was about 86 degrees this afternoon.  According to the local literature, it rarely gets that hot here.  The dogs did not like being in the sun.  I took them to the little dog park and they went under the picnic table and laid down.  Now that the sun is going down, it is cooling off.  We need to get the dogs out for some good exercise tomorrow.  If it is hot again, we’ll have to find someplace cool.  When you are in the shade, it is not that bad.

When hooking the RV to the truck today, the lube plate on the hitch broke.  We had to stop at Camping World after we left the campground to get a replacement.

Coco got a cut on her tail a few days ago and she is determined to turn a small problem into a big one.  She keeps licking it and making it worse.  I have wrapped her tail a couple times and she just rips the bandage off.  We thought we beat her at this game last night when we put duct tape over the wrapping.  This morning, the duct tape and bandage were in a pile on the floor.  Perhaps it was on there just long enough to work.  She isn’t bothering it much today.  I hope she is on the road to recovery.

We spent several hours this afternoon seeing if we could move into a public campground after the upcoming holiday week-end.  There are, what appears to be, spectacular campgrounds on the Olympic Peninsula.  Some are on the beach.  The size of our RV is very limiting.  There are no forest service locations on the peninsula that accommodate our RV.  In fact, most locations allow a maximum length of 21 feet and we are 37 feet.  Not even close!  Any campground that supports our length has no vacancies.

Our campground is fine.  It’s not that we hate it.  It’s just that there are so many beautiful locations close by that would make for a better experience.  I realize now that you have to plan way ahead if you want to stay in outstanding public campgrounds.  It also helps to have a smaller RV, but we have what we have.

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