Yesterday, when we were crossing the sound on the ferry, it looked like someone had sprinkled diamonds across the water.  The tops of the waves sparkled and shimmered.  It was mesmerizing to watch.

Today, we went to the portion of Olympic National Park that is on the Pacific Ocean.  It is another scorching day on the peninsula, so we thought it would be cooler for the dogs to walk on the beach.  It was considerably cooler.  There was a fine fog hovering.  It was probably from the hot air sitting on the cold water.

This place is spectacular.  I did not know about it.  I wish I had known about it when I was younger and more willing to backpack and sleep on the ground.  I didn’t realize that the Olympic National Park includes a long strip along the Pacific Ocean.  It is very remote and there are very limited access points.  While standing on the beach, there are no human made structures available except for the picnic area and parking lot around the access point.  There are no boats or ships on the ocean within sight and only wilderness for as far as the eye can see on the shore going north.

You can hike along this strip of land and camp along the way.  It is an amazing part of our public lands.  We have so much to be thankful for in the United States that areas like this exist.

We were only permitted to take the dogs 1/2 mile up this beach.  It worked out okay.  It’s hard to walk on the beach because of the stones.  Even though it was cool, the sun was beating down and it made the dogs hot.  There are areas of beach further south where you can walk a long way.  We may stop at them and walk on our way to the next campground.  We plan to drive along the coast of Washington to get to the next campground and we should have time to stop for several hours to enjoy the ocean.

Regis found a camera someone left sitting on a large piece of driftwood.  I hope they come back and retrieve it.

Regis and I provided some shade for the dogs and just sat on a piece of driftwood and watched the waves crashing on the shore.

My mother would love this place.  The stones have been tumbled in the surf and they are beautiful.  You could spend hours in one spot looking at them.  I have one shot here of a few rocks I gathered.  

I didn’t see a single person walking in bare feet.  It was probably the rocks, but the cold water probably didn’t help.  There was no one in the water.

When we left the beach, it was 65 degrees.  Seven miles inland, it was 83 degrees.  It reached a peak of 94 degrees on the way back to the campground.  Apparently, that is not normal for this area.  Jason said the weather in Seattle has been abnormal.  It is much hotter than usual.

There is a wildfire in the park right now.  The following link has some information about it: Paradise Wildfire 2015.  The page says that the snowpack in the area was only 14% of average.

On the way back, there was a store called Burnt Mountain Store.  With some of the names of places, it makes me curious about the story that led to the names.

We drove by Lake Crescent on the way to the beach and back.  I have paddle boards reserved next week-end so Jason and I can paddle board on the lake.  It is so clear and beautiful.  I tried to sign up for a special paddle board class they hold on Sunday afternoons.  After your lesson you drink wine and/or beer.  It sounds good to me!  But, the class was filled.

Coco has taken over a corner of our bed and when she isn’t sleeping on Dart’s dog bed, she is often laying on the bed.  This morning Regis took Dart out first, then let him back in and took Coco out.  Dart took the spot on the bed while Coco was out.  Coco was a bit troubled about how to handle this situation when she got back.

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