Olympic National Park

We have a nice view of the Olympic Mountains from our campsite.  This picture is taken through the back window of the RV. 

We headed up into the Olympic National Park today at Hurricane Ridge.  It was very hazy.  Lots of wildflowers were in bloom and the main road was lined with yellow flowers.  It was beautiful.  We saw a deer on the way in.  This picture is blurry but it also shows the wildflowers.

Here are some other pictures.  If you look carefully at the first picture below, you will notice a brown layer of air directly above the mountains.  We believe that is the smoke from the wildfire.  In the second picture you can barely make out the Straits of Juan de Fuca and Canada off in the distance.  Picture three shows that the Olympics can compete with the Smoky Mountains for the smoky look.

We ventured off on an 8 mile dirt road.  The last time I was here, we were in a rental car and didn’t think it was wise to give the road a try.  With a pickup truck and Regis behind the wheel, there was no stopping us.  I probably said “Oh my god” about 42 times.  It wasn’t because of the scenery.  Yes, the scenery was awesome.  It was because the road is narrow and poised on the edge of a mountain.  Going in, I was on the outside with a view of the steep descent.  If we slipped, no one would ever find us!  I got my adrenaline rush for today.  The following pictures should give you an idea.  

When we got to the end of the road, there was a trail head for what appeared to be an awesome hike.  We couldn’t take the dogs, so it is not possible to do.  But, I’m noting it for a future trip.  My favorite sign of the day was located at this trail head. Apparently, Olympic marmots have a tendency to climb into your engine compartment while you are off hiking.  

While we jump out and take pictures, the dogs have to wait in the car.  I took the following pictures of there usual places.  Notice the blue behind Dart.  It is sky.  That gives you an idea of our location!

3 Comments on “Olympic National Park

  1. Oh my, my to the road….I would be a nervous wreak….Looks great thou. Glad you are having fun, all of you. Enjoy reading your posts..


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