Happy July 4th!  Today is Dart’s fifth birthday.  I fed Dart and Coco treats to celebrate Dart’s birthday.  A couple hours later, Dart threw them up.  (I didn’t even give them that many and it’s treats I always give.)

There are almost more dogs in this campground than people.  It is amazing.  I think there are more dogs here than at the trials we go to.

We explored the local town and beaches today.  We went out on Ediz spit.  There is a paper mill located there.  Regis stopped to watch a truck unload at the paper mill.  This is something I would not have noticed.  I’m glad he did.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  The truck is put in an almost vertical position to unload. regis:gives new meading to “dump truck”.

Afterwards, we picked up the dogs and headed for a place on the beach where the Elwha River enters the Strait.  It is called Freshwater Bay and it is a good location for paddle boarding.  It was a nice area on the beach.  There were lots of dogs.  Most were running free.  I saw one dog with a stick and other dogs were chasing him.  Coco was very interested in the seagulls and was ready to cross the Elwha river to get to them.  She also went chest deep in the river to go to a rock she was interested in.  We saw very tiny, baby fish.  Some looked like flounder or halibut.

The Elwha dam is a great story.  It was erected around 1930 and recently torn down to allow the fish to navigate back up the river again.  It is still recovering and being monitored.

If the sea gulls were closer I would have been hard pressed to keep coco back! It was shallow enough we could have crossed.

This is where the Elwha dam used to be. Behind that mound of dirt was a reservoir.  Thankfully, no more.

This is another place where I would love to spend a summer.  So far, it’s only two places, Missoula and the Olympic Peninsula.  The Peninsula is in first place.

I looked at some pictures I took in 2002 when my mom, Jason, and I visited Olympic National Park.  There was considerably more snow and Jason and my mom are in a jacket.  Regis and I did not need to wear jackets when we were there this year.

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  1. we’ve had a gloomy isolated-thundershower type day here. People are determined to get out and see fireworks anyway. I’m just having a quiet evening with the dogs and am still amazed they can snooze during the occasional booms outside. Hope you had/have a great Fourth!


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