Sadly, Canada is on fire.

This morning, we noticed that the sky toward Port Angeles looked strange.  At first, I thought it was fog over the water.  As the day wore on, the sky got more yellow.  We began to realize that something was going on.  Regis looked it up on the internet and saw that the problem was not smoke from the local fire in Olympic National park, but significant smoke drifting down from Canada.  There are numerous fires in Canada and it appears to be getting worse.  It casts an eerie glow here.  It looks like it is overcast but the color isn’t right for that.  I think we were probably cooler today because the smoke blocked the hot rays from the sun.  

Here are some smoky pictures.

On a lighter note, we saw some Black-Tailed deer on our way back the mountain today.

Some of the campers in our campground decorated for the Fourth of July celebration.  There was a contest in the campground for the best decorations.  The campers voted and selected our neighbor.  Following is a picture of their decorations.

One Comment on “Smoke

  1. I heard there were fires in Canada and some of the haze was coming down here. I don’t know how far though! I spent July 4th in the afternoon at a dog show with Linda F and company, showing an 8-mo-old pup for her. I liked him, but of course he was everywhere like a puppy. He’ll be fun to show, he’s very smart.
    I had no idea there were ‘black-tailed’ deer, but then where I work there are black squirrels!


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