I visited the Purple Haze Lavender Farm today.  It was beautiful.  It made me want to come back home and garden.  Crazy!  I also liked their chicken coop.  If I ever have chickens again, I’ll keep it in mind.  

I also went to the Olympic Game Farm.  It was an interesting experience.  The farm was originally started by a couple that kept animals that were used in Disney movies.  When Walt Disney died, Disney no longer did as many animal movies so the couple continued to care for the animals and opened up the farm to the public.  They have since passed away, but the farm is still open and is also a refuge for animals that need a home.

You drive your car through the park.   In some areas, the animals are free and can walk up to your car.  In other areas, they are in cages.  You are allowed to purchase whole wheat bread from the Farm and feed many of the animals.  As a result, the animals consider cars food dispensing machines and stick their noses in any open windows in order to get food.  It became very scary when I was driving through the bison and elk area.  I much prefer watching bison in a National Park where they can be seen from a respectable distance.  I also hated seeing the animals in cages.  It was an interesting experience, but I would prefer not to do it again.  

It was also a project day for Regis. He replaced the intermittent bathroom “fan” with a real fan – moves much more air now! He got the top of the RV slides swept and rinsed off as well as the awning . That really needed to be done since our last campsite was under two shedding fir trees.

3 Comments on “Lavender

  1. Beautiful flowers! I don’t like seeing the animals caged up either. Makes me sad for them.
    Linda, I’m heading to Arizona on the 15th!! 😊


  2. The picture number 1009 reminds me of Buffalo Jump when we were going to Glacier National Park. Love the flowers. Animals do not belong in cages


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