Olympic Discovery Trail

Today we hiked on a segment of the Olympic Discovery Trail.  The trail is almost 130 miles long reaching from Port Townsend on the east part of the Olympic Peninsula to the Pacific Ocean on the west.  We only traversed about 3 miles of the trail, making it a 6 mile round trip hike.  It’s a very nice trail and I would love to hike more portions of it.  It stays pretty level, so it’s possible to hike greater distances without exhausting yourself.  If there is time on Sunday, I would like to do a segment that overlooks and skirts the Strait.  I think Dart enjoyed the exercise.  Although he slowed down toward the end of the hike, after our two mile drive to get back to the campground, he was ready to go again.

There was a home along the way that was very decorated for travelers.  That house and another one offered water for pets.  See pictures below.  They also had a tree with a gorilla carved into it but the picture didn’t come out.

There were signs along the path that identified the names of people who maintain the trail.  We encountered a large branch that fell on the trail and Regis spent some time removing it from the path.  Afterwards, he decided that he wanted a sign indicating that he also maintains the trail.

The campground is filling up with families and dogs for the week-end.  It is amazingly quiet during the week and then full on the week-ends.

2 Comments on “Olympic Discovery Trail

  1. Wow what a display that was! Love the motorcycle Santas and whatever the rest of them are. Do you ever run into people along the way?


    • Yes, we saw bicyclists, joggers, and dog walkers. The house with the display offered water for pets. I took Dart over to the bowl of water and as he was getting ready to take a drink, he saw the rock sitting next to the bowl with a rat (not real) on top. He leaped out of the way and was not interested in a drink. I wondered what Coco would do if she was there. It looked like a rat, but would not have smelled like one. Jason says she has no interest in dead animals, so maybe she wouldn’t have cared.


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