It took a long time for Jason and I to pick up the paddle boards and get them loaded on the truck.  Even though we had the truck, it took awhile to figure out the best way to load the boards securely.  The resulting solution was to place them on the cab and tie them down.  That worked well.  After running a few errands (like getting gas) and making lunch, we all headed out to Lake Crescent.  And this is what it looked like on the way there.

Also, the temperature was 65 degrees when we left camp and it was dropping below 60 by the time we got there.  I was in a better position because I rented a sleeveless wet suit.  Jason is having an ear problem, so I was concerned about dragging him out to paddle board in inclement weather.   But, we went to the lake anyway, not being sure how long we would be interested in paddle boarding.

It was not raining at our launch site.  It turned out to be beautiful.  I stayed warm the entire trip and Jason only got chilly when we were close to landing at the end.  It was beautiful and peaceful.  A bald eagle flew across the lake in front of us.  There was very little activity and since the lake is surrounded by National Park on one side and National Forest on the other, it was pristine.  I am very glad that we didn’t throw in the towel when the weather got bad.

The water is amazingly clear.  If it was hot, I would have gone swimming.   We crossed the lake and came back.  Regis told us it took 1 1/2 hours to cross the lake and 1/2 hour to come back.  He isn’t absolutely sure when we turned to come back because he couldn’t see us very well even with the binoculars, but it’s probably close.  We were paddling into the wind on the way out.

The last three pictures here were taken by Jason while he was paddle boarding.  That makes the two of him, selfies.  If I had taken a selfie, the camera would have gotten wet as I fell off the board.

2 Comments on “Paddleboard

  1. Is this the first time Jason was paddle boarding?
    Oh he was paddle boarding in North Carolina right?
    You guys look like you are having a blast.


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