This morning, we visited with Jason until he left around noon.  He left Coco behind because he has to go to Taiwan on a 2:30 a.m. flight.  He plans to meet up with us and pick her up next week-end.  She is a joy, so we love having her for another week.  We’ll try to keep her busy so she doesn’t miss Jason too much.

I spent the afternoon finalizing plans for our trip back.  Apparently, my original plans put us too close to Sturgis, SD during the annual motorcycle rally.  I couldn’t get a camping reservation within a zillion miles of the place even right after the event.  I had to reroute us.  It took awhile to make some workable plans, but I wound up making reservations all the way through West Virginia.  Regis likes having more flexibility, but I feel better knowing we won’t have to worry about places to stay on the way home.  Even though I made reservations, I can change things if necessary.  If I don’t have to change anything, we are set to go.  I have plans to meet up with a friend in St. Louis along the way back.

We’ve been here 12 days and we are ready to get going.  We love the area, but we are getting antsy.  We are going to Long Beach, Washington tomorrow which is on the Pacific Ocean.  It looks lovely.  It should be a very nice ride down there and we may stop a couple times along the way.

One Comment on “Planning

  1. Wow, that Jason’s a world traveler isn’t he? Coco will like hiking with you guys again, I imagine. If I went hiking down that trail with all those decorations with my younger girl Shasta I’m afraid she’d swipe some of those motorcycle thingies for toys! My brother’s a huge ‘cycle guy but I’m glad he doesn’t as far as SD for a rally. He goes up to PA once in a while on his Harley.. Hope you have a nice last week at that campground!


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