Dog Exuberance on the Beach

We arrived in Ilwaco, Washington this afternoon.  The drive from Port Angeles to Ilwaco was 238 miles and took 6 hours.  We only stopped for a couple “pottie” breaks.  It took a long time.  We were all ready to get out of the car when we arrived at the campground.  As soon as we set up camp, we drove to the beach.  The beaches here are very dog friendly.  You can leave your dogs off the leash and you can also drive on the beach.

I don’t know which dog exhibited more exuberance.  Dart went bananas once he was out of the car.  He ran in circles and barked and barked.  He was so happy.  Coco headed straight for the surf like she wanted to jump into the ocean.  We kept her on the leash since we weren’t sure if she would run off.  Regis was holding her and tried to let her have some freedom by letting her run and trying to keep up with her.  I think he got a workout.  Coco was frolicking.  We wonder if she was headed into the surf because she knew Jason was on the other side of that ocean.  We will be sure to take them to the beach often while we are here since they enjoyed it so much.  This beach is sandy, unlike the beach we were on further north.  The following pictures show the dogs with the windblown look.  Coco reminds me of the Flying Nun.  If we don’t watch her closely, she may take off!

The skies here are very blue.  We didn’t realize how much the smoke was hindering the view in Port Angeles.

On the way down, we drove through a town called Raymond (must be named after my brother-in-law 🙂 ).  There were numerous art items throughout the town.  I really mean lots of them.  

2 Comments on “Dog Exuberance on the Beach

  1. Great yard art! I’d love to have the deer ones… are those golfers or fishermen in that other pic? I think my Mom should get a golfer one; that was Dad’s big hobby back when.

    Well that Coco sure is a surfer girl isn’t she? 🙂


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