Crazy Dogs

We went hiking on the local Discovery Trail today.  It begins at Ilwaco, runs by Cape Disappointment, and goes up along the beach for a total of a little over 8 miles.  There are a lot of bicyclists on the paved trail.  We started off well and took one of the side trails to the beach.  There weren’t many people around, so we let Coco off the leash.  We quickly learned that was a really bad idea.  She likes to chase seagulls and readily chases them into the surf.  It wouldn’t take much for a wave to whisk her away and make it difficult for us to save her.  We quickly got her back on the leash.  She continued to go crazy trying to chase seagulls and nearly wore herself out.  We decided to get back on the trail which is just behind the dunes.

Dart likes to chase bicyclists.  There were quite a few on the trail, so it was a constant battle to keep him under control when they drove by.  It might have made sense for Regis and I to split up.  I could have walked Dart on the beach and he could walk Coco on the trail.  

Coco kept interrupting the seagulls at their crab feast.  

We saw an interesting log.  There were lots of living things on the log, mostly some kind of clam or mussel.  The log was completely covered with these things and it had washed up on the beach.  Now that it was out of the surf, the animals on the log were in distress.  It was a shame but very interesting.

As we were driving around, we saw this mermaid in front of a hotel.  I would not stay there with a mermaid that looks like that!

Regis and I went to a local brew pub and tried some brews.  Most of them were very good.  I also liked the sign above the bar.

We are planning to go back to the beach this evening with the dogs.  During the day, it’s about 70 degrees.  With the wind, it is chilly.  I’m used to east coast beaches that are hot in July so you have to go in the water to cool off.  What’s with a beach where you can’t go in the water even if it was safe???  It’s too cold.  I’ll have to bundle up for our trip to the beach tonight.  Perhaps we can pick up some firewood along the way to help keep warm.

One Comment on “Crazy Dogs

  1. From what I’ve read thus far sounds like you guys are having a fun time with the doggies. Give Dart a hug for me! It’s weird stopping by the store and not seeing one of you there. No agility till the end of August, but just as well because we’ve been getting storms almost every afternoon or evening.

    Looking forward to reading more of your cross country travels!


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