The Sandsations Festival in Long Beach started yesterday.  Several people are building sand sculptures.  We stopped by today to see the progress and here are a few unfinished sculptures.

WA 001 WA 002 WA 003

This is another picture of the beach.  This is peak season and look how few people there are on the beach.  It is a large beach.  The Gulf of Mexico would benefit from such a large beach since it has many more people.

WA 005

We met up with this dog and Coco and the dog batted paws at each other.  It caused this poor dog to lose his booty.

WA 006

This whale skeleton is displayed along the beach.  This picture was taken head on, so you are looking at the large jaw.

WA 009

I’m always looking for interesting signs and this critter was on top of one of the beach signs.  I think it’s supposed to be a dog.  What do you think?

WA 015

For the last couple of days, I have missed being at my house.  I mentioned it to Regis today and he said he’s not crazy about this location.  We are wondering if the problem is the location.  It’s cold here.  I guess we are used to July at the beach being warm.  This location is almost surrounded by water.  The Columbia River is to the south.  The Pacific Ocean is to the west.  The Willapa Bay is to the north.  Perhaps all that water causes the breezes to be particularly cold.  The campground is not bad and it’s pretty here, so I’m not sure.  We are heading to Oregon tomorrow, so I’ll see if my mood improves.

7 thoughts on “Sandsations

  1. It is fun and exciting to visit the world but sometimes you just want to lay back and relax in familiar surroundings. Sometimes you wake up and have a hard time remembering where you are…..but enjoy what you are doing at the moment…..have fun and be safe.


  2. I think you guys need to head back east to Dunedin, FL (LOL) and your attitude would improve considerably. I so miss the gulf coast. Love the photos! Keep them coming.


    • We were in Dunedin last January. We had lunch there. We loved it. I won’t mind going back again. Regis has relatives in Clearwater which is just around the corner.


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