A Beer and a Whale(s)

Before we get to Oregon, let’s finish Washington.  Last night, Regis and Dart went for a ride up the peninsula.  He took some eerie pictures, but this one has a strange globe in it.  Any thoughts on what it is?  IMG_1120The picture was not taken from inside the car, so it is not a reflection in the glass.

This morning, we went back to take some pictures of the sand sculptures.  I posted them on flickr for those interested in the progress since yesterday afternoon.  Also, Sandy was curious about the sign with the “coyote”.  Here is the entire sign and I posted some others on flickr.

OR 001

For those interested in a unique shopping experience, it looks like this location would be an interesting place to go in Long Beach.

OR 010

My favorite sign of the day is the next picture.  You have to realize that this place is 2-3 blocks from the beach and there are no retail establishments between this place and the beach.  I thought it was cute.

OR 011

We entered Oregon late this morning and I got some pictures of the logs in the port at Astoria.  I’m not sure where they are headed but there are a lot of them.  If you look closely at the pictures, you’ll realize how many logs there are.

OR 023 OR 021 OR 026

Now to Oregon.  Wow!  Beautiful!  Oh my gosh!  Words cannot not begin to describe how beautiful it is to drive down the coast.  In Washington, when you drive on the coast you get very few peeks at it.  In Oregon, you get fantastic views.  Following are some views from the car so you will know what you can see from the truck.  I also threw in one taken outside the truck.  The pretty pictures are on flickr.

OR 060 OR 053
OR 031

We scoped the place in order to plan the next couple of days.  I found a place to rent SUPs (stand up paddle boards) and will return to do so.  We went to a brewery and tap room in Pacific City that is located right on the beach.  We were able to get a beer and sit on the beach with the dogs.  Besides being awesomely beautiful, we noticed a whale(s) in the water.  It was hard to tell whether it was one or more.  How great is that!  Sitting on a piece of driftwood with your dogs on a gorgeous day and watching a whale(s) in the water.  Yep, it was incredible.  I will go back.  Perhaps after a couple hours of paddle boarding, it will be nice to get a beer and hope the whale(s) shows up.   You can see the whale in the water in the third picture below.

OR 047 OR 045 OR 048 OR 043

This campground is going to be an experience.  It is nice but we have some interesting dog issues to contend with.  There are a slew of feral or “free range” rabbits located throughout the campground.  Coco is going out of her mind.  We can’t leave the RV door open because she is on high alert.  Taking her out to relieve herself is a trying experience right now.  In addition, there is a loose labradoodle in the campground.  He/she is very nice, but Dart has his panties in a wad over this dog.  Dart is on a leash and the other dog is not.  Dart can not handle such a situation.  He wants it to be fair.  They must both be off a leash to keep him from going bonkers.  Regis and I need to take stress relievers to take the dogs out.  I think we are trapped in our RV while we are here and will just have to spend as much time exploring outside the campground as we can.  Of course, that isn’t a problem.  Oregon is BEAUTIFUL and I am over my discouragement from the last location.


Don’t forget to go to the flickr feed for more pictures. flickr link to the right. =====>

3 thoughts on “A Beer and a Whale(s)

  1. When we went up the northeern coast of CA. ,we went to a saw mill in EUREKA AND WATCHED ALL THE WORKINGS OF MAKING LUMBER. ..i AM LEAVING FOR pGH. ON THE 29TH OF jULY. tHINK YOU’LL MAKE IT BACK IN TIME???? xxoo


    • We won’t be back until early September. Our plan coming back does not take us through Pittsburgh. We’ll have to make a plan to visit Pittsburgh after you get up there. At the very least, we can be sure to go through Pittsburgh on our next venture out west but we may do something before then. We love Pittsburgh and look forward to another visit.


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