Wind and the Paddle Board

This morning we hiked to Munson Falls.  it’s about two miles from the campground and the hike in is only 1/4 mile one way.  It wasn’t a very long hike, but it was nice and I’m sure the dogs loved it.  

We then waited for Jason to show up.  His drive from Seattle should have taken a little over 4 hours but the traffic was so bad that it took over five hours.  Once he got here and Coco was able to to greet him, we took off to go paddle boarding.  When we got there, there was a yoga class finishing up.  They were doing yoga on the paddle boards.  The picture below does not show the more difficult poses.  I made a comment to the lady signing us up for the boards that I wasn’t so sure about yoga on a paddle board.  She told me to notice the class participants were all the same age.  Basically, pointing out they were all young.  Hmmmm.  I’m feeling older every day.

Anyway, Jason and I got going on the paddle boards and eventually hit a bit of wind.  It was the most wind I have encountered yet while paddle boarding and it was very difficult to paddle and make forward progress.  It was a lot of work.  Just this morning, I was telling my mother you don’t have to be really strong to paddle board.  I take back some of that conversation.  Although you don’t have to be Arnold Schwarzenegger, it helps to have enough strength to overcome the wind and the current if it is not in your favor.

We are pretty sure there are at least 50 rabbits running through this camp ground.  Poor Coco is beside herself that no one will let her have at it with the rabbits.  Last night, while she was asleep, she was running with her paws and making noises.  I bet she was dreaming about having the freedom to chase those rabbits.

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