One of the reasons we came to Tillamook was to hike on the trail at Cape Lookout.  We left our campground this morning in beautiful sunshine prepared for an outstanding hike.  When we got to Cape Lookout, it was covered in fog.  That never changed.  The trail on the Cape heads out 2.4 miles to the end and the trail zig zags across the Cape along the way.  When you are on the north side, it is dry but foggy.  When you are on the south side it is windy, foggy, cold, and wet.  We hoped that the fog would burn off by the time we got to the end of the cape in 2.4 miles.  It didn’t happen.  In fact, Regis and I drove by the cape later in the afternoon and it was still covered in fog while the rest of the area was awash in sunshine.  This weather continues to amaze me!!  Although we didn’t get the outstanding views we got last time we were here about a decade ago, it was a great experience.  This is probably typical weather for this area and it was a great opportunity to experience it.

The fact that it was so wet and soggy resulted in the dirtiest dogs I have ever seen.  They had to be washed when we got back to the RV.  I have never washed dogs as dirty as these guys were.  It required two soap ups and even then they were still dirty.  I didn’t have enough dog shampoo to do more than two washings.  Coco was by far in the worst shape.  Her propensity to search for critters in every nook and cranny results in dirt form head to toe.  Dart may have a lot more hair, but at least he was only filthy from the chest down.

Tillamook has something called the quilt trail.  It has quilt blocks mounted on barns and businesses.  I have shown one here, but they are everywhere and very lovely and interesting.

We drove on the coast this afternoon and was able to see the cloud hanging over Cape Lookout.  So, it didn’t matter whether we hiked in the morning or afternoon. We would have hiked in fog.  This is a picture of Cape Lookout covered in clouds in the afternoon.

My favorite sign for today on the back of a little trailer.

Tomorrow, we have plans to hit some tide pools and see some starfish and other cool creatures.  We will head out very early in the morning rain or shine.

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