Tide Pools

We got up early to see the tide pools at low tide.  The weather was sunny at the campground but foggy at the shore.  We spent a couple hours looking through the tide pools.  The water is very clear in the pools, so it is easy to see the marine life and take pictures.  It may also have been difficult for Dart to tell where the water was because he spent a lot of time jumping through pools of water.  He usually prefers to jump over water rather than run through.  Either he now likes water or he was having difficulty.  Here is a picture of him shaking off after one of his little dips.   

The first time we came to Oregon was over a decade ago and we saw lots of sea stars.  We had a very hard time finding them today, but we saw a few.  We found out that the sea stars have been devastated by a virus.  (http://www.pbs.org/newshour/rundown/scientists-solve-mystery-of-west-coast-starfish-deaths/)  We met a gentleman on the beach who said he had not seen a sea star in the past two years but had seen about a dozen over the last couple days.  We hope that’s a good sign.

We saw lots of other kinds of plants and animals and I posted several of them on the flickr feed.  Below is a picture of sea anemones open and one closed.

At one point, we walked by a bunch of seals (I think they were seals) and didn’t realize it.  A guy let us know they were there after we passed them.  Apparently, it is a good thing I didn’t become a wildlife biologist.  I would have been fired for my inability to see wildlife right in front of my face.

Here are a couple pictures with Dart and Regis that also shows the ambiance of the beach.

We met this dog and his people on the beach.  I am grateful that he’s not my dog.  He was having a really good time rolling around in the sand.

Of course, Dart didn’t look too good either by the time we got back to the truck.  I ran out of dog shampoo cleaning Coco and Dart yesterday, so all we can do right now is rinse him off.

After our visit to the tide pools, we stopped at an overlook to eat lunch and watch the ocean.  The weather began to clear up and the ocean turned a beautiful shade of blue.  The best part was that a couple of whales showed up.  We spent a couple hours watching them.  Because we were trying so hard to take a picture (too far away for a good one) and watching with binoculars, a lot of folks stopping at the overlook wanted to know what we were doing and got very excited to realize there were whales out there.  Just give me a comfortable chair, a glass of wine, and a pair of binoculars and I could sit on the coast for hours watching the waves and looking for whales.

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