Back to Washington

We went from the Oregon Coast to Central Washington today.  To start the trip, I needed my cappuccino and Regis needed his latte.  It’s hard to go through the drive-through with the RV, so Regis had to pretend he was driving a car.

The change of scenery from the coast to the current location was amazing.  The coasts are verdant (google it) with all types of vegetation.  As we made our way over the coastal range and up the Columbia River Gorge, the scenery changed from lush green to brown.  It gets increasingly arid as you head from west to east until there are no trees and very little color.
This is a picture taken just outside of Portland.  (Sorry, most of these pictures were taken from the car driving down the interstate so there are glass reflections, etc.)

This picture is taken further east.  Notice the brown on the hills in the background. 

This picture is taken even further east.  Regis was taking a picture of the barge with the happy face on it but the background shows you the terrain becoming treeless and brown.

And while you are driving up the gorge, the wind is very strong.  It makes for great wind surfing and kite boarding.

All that wind is great for windmills.

Along the way, I saw this sign.  I guess there is an unfortunate story behind this name.

Several of the bridges along the way were very beautiful.

Once we crossed the Columbia River, we were able to see Mount Hood and Mount Adams.

When we stopped for lunch along the Gorge, it was too windy to play flying disc with Dart.  It was a long day for him, so once we got away from the Gorge, we pulled over just to play.  I know he was ecstatic.

After 8 hours and 330 miles, we eventually arrived in Ellensburg (perhaps named after my aunt-in-law :)) around dinner time and we had no food.  We spent the last couple of days cleaning out the refrigerator and cabinets by eating everything.  We were too lazy to go to the store so we ate whatever we could find in the RV.  Therefore, we arrived in Ellensburg famished with no food in the RV and I went grocery shopping hungry.  Not good.  I’m surprised I was able to fit all the bad stuff I bought into the RV.  I did buy some fruit and vegetables but I bought 3 cartons of Tillamook ice cream.  I will need Susan and Vickie to put me on a strict diet and exercise regiment when I get back because I am going to need it!

8 Comments on “Back to Washington

  1. It’s a flying Dart! Wish I could get my crew interested in catching discs, that would be a sight. I hear it’s been pretty dry in that area you’re in… As for the yummies, you’re on vacation, you’re allowed to be bad. Enjoy yourself, I do! πŸ˜‰

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    • There are fires in Wenatchee about 70 miles away. There are fire fighters camping by us. I would have tried the cheese if it wasn’t for the ice cream being available. We have purchased Tillamook sour cream and yogurt. Both are very good. Judging by what we’ve seen at the factory, they do a great job with the whole process starting with taking good care of their cows.


  2. Linda, I will hook you up with Jan when you get back!! We can go together! Well, ur or not. I really do a lot of whining there. 😌☺️


    • I’m afraid of Jan. I feel like I would have to get in shape before I see her or she’ll kill me. πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

      • Awwww! She is actually a lot of fun but she will kick your butt with little effort. At least it seems like that for me. 😊.


  3. Linda, that is funny….yes the place must be named after me…….glad you guys are having fun….Ellen


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