Umtanum Falls

We hiked to Umtanum Falls today.  

Once we got to the trail head, it was only a mile hike to the falls, but we were able leave Dart off the leash so it worked well for him.  After all those hikes in the mountains and on the coast, this was definitely different.  There was very little water in the stream, so the falls were not particularly spectacular.  I had read that you can see the old lava flows in the Pacific Northwest.  We noticed them on the coast but we could also see them on this hike.

On the way back, we headed further down this gravel road that we thought would end shortly.  It didn’t and it seemed we drove forever.  We eventually got to a paved road and was able to use the GPS to get us back.  The trail head for the hike was about 10 miles from our camp ground.  By the time we hit pavement on the way home, the GPS sent us on a path that took 55 miles to get back to the campground.  Here are some shots on the way home.  Wherever you see green, someone has water available to them or it is along the creek bed.

Yesterday, when I went shopping, I picked up some cashews.  We like to nibble on cashews as a snack.  Regis took this picture to point out that I didn’t pick up regular cashews.  I don’t think Regis likes them which means I know that I won’t like them.  My favorite cashews are Planters Honey Roasted Cashews but sometimes they are hard to find.

One last thought.  Coco seems to have rubbed off on Dart.  There were a couple of chipmunks along the trail today and he was obsessed with them.  He usually gets curious but is easily called off.  Today, it was harder to get him to come along.  After we got going on the trail, I got to thinking about rattlesnakes.  I think this might be rattlesnake country.  My dear friends husband told me a story about rattlesnakes before we left on this trip, so I was obsessed with thinking about them most of the way and worried about Dart getting bit.  (Thank you so much Erik!)

We think we saw a pair of Golden Eagles on the hike.  We paid a great deal of attention to them and tried to note their markings and sounds.  We came back and looked up in the book and listened to sounds on the internet and it appears they were Golden Eagles.  I read they are in this area, so it is possible that is what we saw.  Nevertheless, it is hard to believe we got that lucky.

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