First Paddle Board Dunk

We went to Leavenworth, WA today and I went paddle boarding on the Wenatchee River.  It was a couple firsts for me.  It was the first time I used a blow up paddle board.  I’m amazed out how sturdy they are.  I struggled more today with keeping my balance but I’m not sure whether it was the board, the river, or both.  The river had a swift current.  I’ve had to deal with currents before, but never anything like this.  This was a one way river.  You went with the current, period.  The water was very clear and the scenery was outstanding.  But, I spent most of my time looking down for rocks.  There were several rapids on the river and I lost it in the first rapid.  I managed to keep my paddle which is amazing if you were to have been a witness.

After getting through the rapid, I stood up on the board again and promptly dunked in the second rapid.  (Annie would have been proud of me!)  I went almost the rest of the way on my knees after that.  It’s not as far to fall!  But, I never lost it in a rapid again once I gave up standing up.  I clearly need a guide next time I do a river with rapids so I can have some one teach me how to keep upright!  It was definitely exhilarating.   I would have preferred that it be warmer if I was going for a swim, but I was smart enough to wear clothes that dried fast.

Dart and Regis greeted me at the end of the trip.  I changed into dry clothes and we ate lunch at a place that allows dogs out on the deck.  The view was fabulous.  Leavenworth is a touristy town with a Bavarian flair.  It was a little crowded, but fun nevertheless.  Here are some pictures of the town.  The last picture is the scene from our lunch table on the deck.  What a view!!

Dart and I took a nap when we got back.

I found a camera repair shop in Missoula, MT.  Since we are driving by Missoula on the way home, I plan to stop and see if there is any hope for getting my lens fixed.  I really like that lens and can’t stand the thought of finishing this trip without it.

I also went grocery shopping tonight.  We are going to Pomeroy tomorrow and it looks like a very small town.  I don’t know what kind of phone or internet access we will have.  Even though most camp grounds have WiFi access, it isn’t always usable.  When that happens, I use my phone as a hot spot so I can still post the blog.  In our Burlington camp ground, my phone was useless but the WiFi was great so it worked out.  We are a little concerned that the next couple of places may not have good access.  If you don’t see any blog postings over the next couple of days, we are hopelessly lost in the wilderness or we lack internet access.

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