Limited Access!

It’s a good thing I went grocery shopping in Ellensburg because we are in no man’s land.  By going the way the GPS sent us, we turned on a road that said you couldn’t drive trucks or RV’s on it.  That was how we were supposed to get to the camp ground.  Fortunately, I had enough cell phone signal at that location to find out how to get here.  We had to go 24 miles the other way to another road and then 19 miles up a canyon road.  The road where the camp ground is dead ends at a wilderness area further up this canyon.

I have NO cell phone signal and the WiFi access is very limiting.  It appears I will still be able to post, but I won’t be able to get pictures posted until we can get to a signal.  I can use the cell phone as a hot spot to upload photos if we can find a signal on the top of the canyon somewhere.  We have some great photos, including one of a baby deer.  We’ll see what we can do tomorrow.  If not, we’ll just have to wait until we get back to civilization.

I think Regis is in his element.  I’m scared.  At least 60 miles off the interstate and another 19 miles up the cayon, what if I have appendicitis?  When I registered at the camp ground, the host made a point to warn me about the rattle snakes.  She said it has been very dry and they are thirsty.  She said they aren’t normally a problem but they are more bothersome this year.

Of course, I’m petrified to walk Dart.  I’m happy to explore the country side from the safety of the car but that won’t satisfy Dart’s needs to be a dog.

The little camp store is called The Last Resort because it is the last place you will get any food, gas, drink, etc. as you head up this canyon.  We are so far away from an interstate that Regis will get his biggest desire which is to get away from the noise of the traffic.  He would like to have the RV windows open but at night it is down right cold.

I’ve never been to a place quite like this.  It awesome, beautiful, and fascinating.  it is probably good for me to get sort of off the grid for awhile.  But, I admit, I like technology and the advantages it brings.  I want the best of both worlds!

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